TGW’s Stingray shuttle solution is the ideal system for highly dynamic storage and buffer applications, supplementing the product range of one of the global market leaders for high-performance automated mini-load AS/R equipment.

Shuttle solutions have become an integral part of today’s mini-load storage and retrieval applications. “Shuttles are the perfect solution for highly dynamic applications such as supply systems of workplaces with a performance of up to 1000 picks per hour, buffer warehouses or sequenced delivery of goods” explains Rudolf Hansl, Managing Director of TGW Logistics Group GmbH. Shuttle solutions can be implemented in a vast array of industries, from store replenishment for retailers and / or production and shipping buffers to order picking systems for online retailers, making them the ideal supplement to mini-load AS/R systems that are typically used where high storage capacity is required.

Scalability – availability – energy efficiency

With the new STINGRAY Shuttle System TGW now offers the broadest available range of automated mini-load storage and retrieval solutions. As the travel and lift axis are functionally separated, the STINGRAY provides a higher throughput performance than most stacker cranes. This innovative system allows for a more accurate scalability of capacity and performance in top-end applications, extremely high availability as well as maximum energy efficiency as moving masses are reduced.

The TGW STINGRAY stands out for its particularly high performance and flexibly scalable, modular design. Depending on the required performance, operators may vary the number of shuttles used as well as change the configuration of tote and shuttle lifts. The maximum configuration includes a STINGRAY shuttle on each rack level as well as two tote lifts in each warehouse aisle, thus achieving maximum throughput. For lower performance requirements, individual STINGRAY shuttles can change levels via a shuttle lift, which reduces the number of shuttles needed and consequently the investment costs.

Experience combined with new technologies

For the development of the new STINGRAY, TGW combined its experience from the company’s original shuttle systems with the latest load handling devices, while integrating new technologies. “TGW developed its first shuttle solution in 1995, named Transrobo”, explains Rudolf Hansl. “Back then, each device operated three rack levels. Today, shuttles are basically smaller, lighter and faster, and far more flexible in handling different types of load carriers compared to the first models we developed.” The STINGRAY works with any of TGW’s well-proven load handling devices, allowing the Stringray to handle totes, cartons and similar load carriers in single or multi-deep racks.

The intelligent lightweight construction of the Stingray considerably reduces the weight of the shuttle. This allows for optimum energy efficiency even with high acceleration and speed values, significantly reducing power consumption. A maintenance-friendly design makes it easier to maintain the lowest total life cycle costs compared to other shuttle solutions. Tool-free access to the shuttle via quick-release fasteners enables access to the entire shuttle technology in seconds. The shuttle rack incorporates maintenance platforms arranged every 2.5 m which allow for easy access to the individual shuttle devices, guaranteeing no disruption of the rest of the shuttle system.

Selection of right AS/RS equipment based on key parameters

The Stingray Shuttle System completes TGW’s range of automated mini-load warehouses. “With the Stingray, TGW can now offer a complete solution offering for our customers that allows them to select the right solution based their parameters at an attractive price-performance ratio and low total cost of ownership”, says Rudolf Hansl. “Conventional mini-load cranes still have the better price-performance ratio when storage and retrieval applications require high storage capacities and lower relative throughput performance.” Therefore, our complete offering of both traditional mini-load and shuttle gives TGW an objective approach for our customers.”

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