SSI Schaefer will be showcasing its entire product range at CeMAT 2011, displaying numerous innovations, practical applications and the latest advances in new technology to benefit the logistics industry throughout the globe.

Within an area approximately 2100m², SSI Schaefer will exhibit products ranging from a single plastic storage container through to racking and load carriers, conveyor and order-picking technologies plus control and warehouse management systems.

SSI Schaefer will launch two brand new systems to the market – the highly flexible and cost-effective Auto Cruiser Conveyor, a fulfilment and order picking concept and the Order Verifier for automatic checking of order-picking jobs.

The Auto Cruiser Conveyor is a new transport system that closes the gap between fork-lift transport and conveyor technology for internal deliveries – interconnected workstations will demonstrate the combined benefit of new technology with flexible pick at work assembly systems. The new, fully automated 100% job control system, the Order Verifier, is able to count and identify the articles of over 1000 items an hour completely automated.

SSI Schaefer’s wide range of plastic containers and load carriers will be on display including the award-winning ECO-tech folding container – with integrated safety closure and ergonomically formed handles, this industrial container can be collapsed quickly and safely without sequential order and realises a reduction in volume by 80%.

The folding Eco-fresh container, designed to keep food fresh over long distances, will also be on display alongside the affordable Euro-light container, which is 40% lighter than other standard sized euro containers but just as strong and the Intercept corrosion-proof container that utilises technology to protect goods against corrosion during transport, shipment and storage under extreme conditions thereby reducing process costs and overall carbon footprint impact for the end user.

An integrated order-picking zone will allow visitors the opportunity to experience mobile picking and pick-by-light up close and personal in a real-time situation. The set-up will show the flow of material from ergonomic incoming goods workstations via fully automated container storage in addition to a multi-stage order-picking process, including automatic job control and returns handling. The fully automated order-picking system, the Schaefer Robo-Pick and the efficient storage and retrieval system, the Schaefer Mini-Load Crane (SMC), will both be in operation within the order-picking area.

Special information points across the stand will demonstrate the efficiency improvements that can be achieved using SSI Schaefer’s IT concepts and solutions.

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