A self storage company in Norfolk has recently discovered the benefits of fragment retention lamps after a customer nearly smashed an unprotected fluorescent lamp. 4 Secure Self Storage in Thetford had previously used open batten fluorescent fixtures, meaning the lamp was vulnerable to impact damage, potentially scattering glass over a wide area and causing damage to property as well injury to staff and customers.

This close call raised a health and safety issue that Managing Director Simon Long was keen to rectify: “The customer was moving a wardrobe and very nearly smashed an open fluorescent tube. I could see the potential for damage and litigation, so I quickly searched for a solution. I was delighted to find the simple solution was to install GlassGuard BlackBand® lamps to BS EN61549 standard which eliminated the problem. I now have total peace of mind that customers and their stored goods are protected from injury and glass contamination in the event of any accidents.”

GlassGuard® Sales Director Chris Payne explains: “All lamps, from standard T8 and T5 fluorescent in all colours, to U.V.A insect lamps, benefit from a BS EN61549 standard shatterproof coating, and fragment retention lamps are best practice for H.A.C.C.P. These shatterproof lamps play an important role in any public place, especially at times when lamps are vulnerable, such as during fitting and maintenance. With shatterproof lamps in place, the plastic coating will contain any glass fragments or phosphor powders that would otherwise disperse in the event of a breakage, protecting the surrounding area from dangerous contamination.”


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