Severfield – Rowen Plc is a global player when it comes to structural steel – and references such as delivering sections for the Olympic Village prove that fact.

The project based business is characterised by tight deadlines and fierce competition. Therefore it is no suprise that the company teams up with strong yet flexible partners to ensure reliable and efficient material handling throughout their operations.

At the 50 acre site in North Yorkshire, Lancer Sideloaders and their specialist dealer Northern Handling Systems supplies and maintains a fleet of more than 20 sideloaders. The fleet is the heartbeat of this operation, ensuring a smooth material flow even when the Dalton plant runs at a weekly capacity of 1600 tonnes of processed steel. The Lancer sideloaders load and unload lorries and move the steel in between processes such as welding or painting.

The Severfield fleet includes six, eight, ten and fifteen tonne sideloaders which are the core materials handling fleet used comprehensively within the operation – and notably the two newset additions to the fleet are Lancer HSL 150/24/40 whose large wheels ensure safe handling on uneven ground. Safety and operator comfort further benefit from the panoramic cabin ensuring good allround vision.

For the record, Lancer aligns its product range into three material handling categories – short work with long loads you might say. Two of these products provide solutions for long load handling – these are the two way and Fourway sideloaders. The Fourway sideloaders lift and transport goods in confined areas with applications which are mainly indoor. The trucks maneouvre loads from 2 up to 35 tons. The conventional two way sideloaders carry loads from 4 to 18 tons. These trucks can cope with handling long loads outside, inside, on uneven ground, on gradients and efficiently handling long loads over long distances. Lancer’s third material handling product is the range of Rough Terrain Trucks with load capacities from 4 to 6 tons. These are widely used in offroad or poor ground conditions and handle fragile loads with extra care.

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