With on-line sales burgeoning, retailers need to keep a firm focus on the cost of returns in order to maintain profitability. The OSR Shuttle™ is proving an ideal solution for handling returns in e-commerce operations.

Managing returned goods in a single location is much more efficient than trying to return them to their original picking locations. KNAPP is now supplying the world’s largest OSR Shuttle™ system to Hermes Fulfilment – part of the leading retail and services group, Otto – in Haldensleben, Germany. The system, which will feature some 176,000 storage locations, will go live this autumn. The OSR Shuttle™ will be the heart of a new automatic returns system, with a storage capacity of approximately 1 million products. Supplying 30 workstations on two levels, the highly dynamic OSR Shuttle™ will process up to 15,000 items per hour at peak times.

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