Plastic pallets are an integral part of many food and drink logistic chains. Since the launch of the new Craemer TC – Totally Closed deck plastic pallets and lightweight ‘D’ range, the products have created great interest in the market place followed by successful sales.

The TC’ – Totally Closed deck plastic pallet has been specifically designed for hygienic applications and also to over come the inherent problems associated with many competitor type products.

Many previous closed deck pallets available prior to the launch of the Craemer TC were flawed in design, with “seam” integrity being suspect and prone to being easily damaged or fractured. This allows water and other by-products to ingress into the housing and become potential traps for bacteria that could contaminate products in transport. Also, trapped liquid can also increase the tare weight of the pallet and if this becomes frozen, it can expand causing the pallet to crack, weakening the structure further and making the pallet totally unsuitable for use in high hygiene areas.

Totally closed deck pallets are often used in food processing areas, where chilled areas or cold stores are an integral part of the process, so they have to be able to perform consistently in these areas over a sustained period of time. As the cracks open further and the pallet is handled, it is possible that liquids or dirt could escape from the inner of the pallet to contaminate any material that they may come into contact with.

Craemer’s ‘TC’ – totally closed plastic pallets are designed to meet the highest hygiene demands, offering strength and impact resistance due primarily to its material content and unique patented welding process, sealing the lower deck and rim areas to prevent ingress of contaminants such as liquid and bacteria into the pallet structure. The flat, smooth outer surfaces can be easily cleaned. Craemer has invested in technology that can measure and analyse the condition of the weld and have subjected the TC pallet to a large number of in-house and independent tests, both in the tool design stage and also on the finished product, to back up performance statistics. A pressure test is also incorporated into the process to ensure that the pallets are all effectively air and water tight with no possibility of liquid ingress.

The ‘D’ range of lightweight plastic pallets weighing in at only 15kg makes it easy for safe manual handling – particularly where products are being hand palletised at the end of a line, and can also contribute to significant cost savings in transport.

The low cost entry level version provides exceptional quality at an exceptional one off price of only £26.00. The wide variety of upgradeable configuration options enables the ‘D’ pallets to be transformed into bespoke products that can be integrated into various types of handling applications or integrated into storage systems that require high loading capacities.

Both pallets are available with 3 or 5 runners and feature a 7mm upper deck rim, with a wide variety of upgradeable configuration options that enable pallets to be transformed into a bespoke, highly rated load carrier with RFID tracking.

Craemer are so confident in the quality and reliability of the new pallets, it is prepared to supply sample ‘TC’ and ‘D’pallets for demonstration and evaluation handling the customers own products.

Craemer UK Ltd   Steve Penney   Tel: 01952 607800   email:

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