System Logistics, a leading provider of automated warehouses and materials handling systems has chosen IMHX 2010 to showcase its ‘best of breed’ MoPS™ (Modular order Picking System) in the UK.

MOPS™ is the world’s finest, completely automated solution for both case picking and automatic mixed SKU pallet/cage building. MOPS™ is implemented in modules which are scalable and flexible so that the final solution is customized to meet specific requirements, each module can have varying levels of automation to achieve design criteria  such as throughput volumes and SKU mix. The basic modules include;

Case picking: The case picking module selects cases in batches from source or inventory pallets. Batch size is determined by our  SYSTORE™ WMS software and is measured by the capacities of all other elements of the overall solution. The case picking module can be based on manual picking using RF picking, pick-to-light or voice picking, or can be fully automated using case or layer picking robots.

Handling and sorting: Cartons that are picked need to be conveyed and sorted into the palletizing modules. MOPS™ may take a variety of approaches to address this challenge, depending on rates and handling characteristics. For example, a beverage industry appplication, in which handling of carbonated beverages may be a critical issue, might incorporate different handling technologies than those used in a food industry application. System Logistics has studied various industries where MOPS™ can be applied and has developed a handling solution specific to those unique requirements.

Sequencing and Palletizing: In a mixed SKU palletizing environment, it is critical to build both a physically stable pallet and to meet a customer’s business rules for pallet building. Whether there are multiple stops per pallet, complex rules for following a manifest sequence or other business rules, System Logistics has developed a solution to handle these requirements.

SYSTORE™ WMS and Sequencing: Our proprietary software manages business rules and physical dynamics of all SKUs in the item master through our “best fitting” software algorithms. The software manages the flow of cartons into and out of our VLS sequencing towers, ensuring that the right carton arrives at a palletizer in the correct sequence at the right time.

Palletizing robotics: We supply highly flexible carton handling robots that pick and place cartons onto the pallet. This approach is much more flexible than using layer palletizers because we can build pallets case by case instead of layer by layer. Robots can be either Gantry or Cartesian, depending on the requirements.

‘This solution sets a new standard for mixed SKU pallet/cage building’ comments UK Managing Director Graham Boner. It is ideal for a moderate amount of SKU’s in a high volume environment, as is common in many Food & Beverage applications, but can be applied where each customer pallet requires more than one SKU per pallet and likely more than one SKU per layer.

For more information on MoPS™ and our approach to automated materials handling visit System Logistics ion stand 18N154 in Hall 18 at IMHX 2010 (NEC, 16-19 November 2010)

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