safety-literature-montageThe Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) will provide IMHX visitors with an insight into the many ways it helps its Members deliver the industry’s highest standards of service. Stand 18M105 will showcase the huge amount of resources and technical information that is enjoyed by FLTA Members to the benefit of their customers.

“Fork lift trucks have transformed our lives for the better, but they are still complex and potentially dangerous pieces of equipment,” says FLTA Chief Executive David Ellison. “Our primary concern is making them as safe and effective as possible for everyone who works on and around them. That’s why we regularly organise safety initiatives like National Fork Lift Safety Week and provide every FLTA Member with support of the highest quality.”

FLTA Members benefit from instant access to a comprehensive library of online and paper-based manuals, Technical Bulletins and Fact Sheets. This ensures that even when engineers are working in the field they can quickly obtain the up-to-the-minute information they need. Every piece of FLTA guidance issued, including monthly health and safety publications, is specifically tailored to the needs of the fork lift truck industry and is delivered in a way that is technically correct, current and easy-to-read.

Members are further supported by four telephone advice lines. Specialist health and safety, commercial legal and employment law guidance is available – at no charge – to Members. Answers to more general professional queries can be obtained through the Members Association Helpline.

David Ellison adds: “Anyone involved in the operation of fork lift trucks stands to benefit from this level of support. In fact, many UK manufacturers, distributors, dealers and suppliers of ancillary equipment rely on the Association to keep them current on the latest health, safety, training and technical advice available.”

Association Membership is open to any company involved in the manufacture, distribution and service of trucks. There are strict criteria and members must agree to abide by the rigorous FLTA Code of Practice. Alongside that, companies running one or more fork lift trucks  can – for a nominal fee – join the Association’s Safe User Group which has been established specifically to encourage and support safe workplace operations.

The changing nature of technical issues, safety research and legislation means that Association resources are continually updated and many examples will be on show on the FLTA stand. For companies attempting to navigate this information independently it is a time-consuming and costly task.

David Ellison adds: “In fact, it is almost impossible to put a true value on the backup and technical resources we offer. It is a spread and depth of support that places an FLTA Member at the leading edge in the marketplace and ensures that their customers, in turn, benefit from genuinely expert service.”

flta-logo-cmykAs part of its IMHX presence, the FLTA has opted to stage its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17th November. Stand 18M105 will also act as a ‘base camp’ for those Members attending the show who are looking for a friendly welcome and somewhere to store their belongings while they explore the show.

Additional information about the Fork Lift Truck Association and its activities can be found by visiting or calling 01256 381441.

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