dscf0037Excavations to replace warehouse flooring usually involve total shutdown of the facility, with all the costs associated with such disruption. Yet the use of resin injection processes from specialist contractor Uretek UK Ltd allows the reinstatement of settled floor slabs to level with minimal disruption – there are no excavations, and stock is simply moved from aisle to aisle while the repair is done. The tolerances achieved by this system make it ideal for even high bay warehousing. Normal traffic can continue during the repair, and racking can remain in place.

“Carrying out this type of repair would usually be complicated and take a long time,” comments Paul Cusack, of Rene Cusack Ltd in Limerick, Ireland, who was faced with floor settlement of up to 200mm over an area of 1100m2. Vibrations from heavy machines and the installation of large sewer pipes under the building had compounded the original problems of poor ground.

“Re-piling would have involved a lot of surveying and disruption, plus a high cost,” explains Paul. Uretek’s team were on site for two weeks, injecting resin under 32 panels at 1m centres, and re-levelling the floor to everyone’s satisfaction. “This was very easy and painless from our point of view,” says Paul.

The Uretek repair enables consolidation of the sub-floor and elimination of differential levels along joints, lifting of sunken flooring, and reduction of vibration transmitted to the flooring by machinery or vehicles.

Repair is carried out by the injection of liquid resin through 15-20mm diameter holes drilled through the floor slab. The material immediately expands to fill any voids, and then exerts force in an upwards direction to gently lift the flooring. Because of the rapid set-off time of the resin, the slab lifting method is highly accurate and controllable, with movement being carefully monitored by laser level to avoid overlift.

Work is backed by a standard 10-year materials guarantee, and the Uretek method is now widely accepted by insurers, local authorities and consulting engineers.

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