sonim_xp3_sentinelWorkers operating on their own in testing locations could have their lives saved by an advanced new safety monitoring solution for employees.

Lone worker safety expert Peoplesafe, has teamed up with manufacturers of the world’s toughest phones, Sonim Technologies, to launch an intensive protection system for employees out in rough and remote settings.

The new Sonim XP3 Sentinel – the world’s most rugged phone – has been designed to withstand extreme temperatures and water and has a highly durable shell to meet the demands of harsh working environments.

It comes complete with software developed by Sonim in close consultation with Peoplesafe, which allows the company’s professionals to monitor and respond to lone workers around- the-clock and safeguard against injury, illness and personal attack.

Worried employees can put monitors on greater alert when they go into high-risk situations. In an emergency, they can press a button to feed their exact location swiftly back while they are spoken to and sent assistance if necessary. There is also a ‘man down’ motion-sensor triggered if the phone falls, tilts or is stationary, which will raise an alarm if the employee is unable to do so themselves.

The service offers protection for a large group of employees previously not specifically catered for by the industry.

And the Sonim XP3 Sentinel, with its seamless integration with Peoplesafe’s existing solutions, meets the British Standards relating to lone worker devices and monitoring. The new BS 8484 Code of Practice for the Provision of Lone Worker Device Services has been driven by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and lone worker specialists such as Peoplesafe to promote best practice for lone workers and to reduce the number of false alarms being received and responded to by the emergency services.

Ian Johannessen, Managing Director of Peoplesafe, said: “We’ve worked closely with Sonim to ensure this mobile phone fulfils all the needs of hard hat-wearing lone workers in water, electricity and gas utilities, the building and construction trades and the farming, manufacturing and logistics sectors, to name a few.”

Ian continued “Coupled with our holistic approach of incorporating risk assessments, training and support, and using devices which meet the requirements of the BS8484 for lone workers – such as the Sonim XP3 Sentinel – we provide a turnkey approach to meeting and exceeding the duty-of-care requirements companies have under UK law.”

The phone, which comes with a three-year unconditional guarantee, boasts features including high-performance GPS and a rugged casing which protects the phone even when dropped from two metres onto concrete or submerged in water for up to 30 minutes. It also operates in temperatures from -20 to +55 Celsius.

It has a shock-resistant screen and meets military certification for resistance to humidity, salt, shock and heat. It is easy to use if the user is wearing gloves or has wet hands and its speakers can be heard over machinery or sirens.

“Peoplesafe’s real world monitoring experience was invaluable as we developed this product and we’ve provided the capability for them to tailor the user experience closely to their monitoring service,” said Sanjay Jhawar, Vice President and General Manager for Applications at Sonim Technologies.

He added: “We’ve engineered the software natively into the phone, so have the highest possible reliability and best ease of use in distress situations, coupled with virtually unbreakable hardware, so you can depend on XP3 Sentinel to save lives.”

It’s estimated there are 6.8 million lone workers in this country. Peoplesafe is one of the UK’s leading providers of simple and lightweight equipment and monitoring to keep employees as safe as possible.

Unlike many of its competitors, it operates independently of any device manufacturer, offering services based on the needs of individual lone workers.

Products include the Identicom, a discreet ID card holder that can locate and listen in during an emergency, specially adapted PDAs and Blackberrys.

The company’s clients include a range of major names like retailers Argos, Halfords and Carphone Warehouse, house builders Persimmon and TaylorWimpey and leading car parking company Q Park.


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