tlxThe TLX MultiCapture™ is the most sophisticated solution in the METTLER TOLEDO range of dimensioning, weighing and scanning solutions. Now it is available with even more features and benefits than before.

The TLX MultiCapture™ was first launched to the market in 2008. Now, based on input from key customers, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to re-launch the solution with new features for improved performance and better value.

The TLX is a dynamic weighing, dimensioning and scanning system used by the transport industry for correct invoicing of parcels. It is a versatile solution that can be easily configured to suit different applications and specific operational needs.

“The TLX represents 25 years of METTLER TOLEDO experience in capturing data for the transport and logistics industry. We are constantly working closely with the market to adapt to ever changing needs. The most recent result of this is this new version of the TLX MultiCapture,” says Andreas Wilmers, Sales & Marketing Manager at Mettler-Toledo Cargoscan. “Some of our customers have already tested the new features and are excited by the system’s performance and ability to maximize revenue potential. This motivates us and makes us proud to now offer the system to a broader market.”

With its new features, the TLX offers even greater value to the customer. New features include:

Image Capture

As part of the embedded OCTO™ application software, image capture feature takes a picture of each parcel measured. Images are stored in a searchable database.

Advanced Sorting and Tracking

A binary signal output will give the signal for a sorter to either accept or reject an object. Each package will be correctly sorted and easily tracked.

New Barcode Reading Options

Customers can ensure maximum read-rate by integrating a five sided barcode reading tunnel, or choose from a variety of different solutions to meet operational and budget requirements.

Health Monitoring

tlx_insituThis feature monitors the functionality of all components of the system for quick identification of malfunction.

Remote Access

System can be accessed and serviced remotely for maximum uptime. Information provided by the system can be accessed by employees that are not on-site.

The TLX MultiCapture™ can be ordered through METTLER TOLEDO sales offices and distributors worldwide.

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METTLER TOLEDO is the leading supplier of precision dimensioning, weighing and identification technology for the Transport and Logistics Industry. Cutting edge technology and unprecedented service from METTLER TOLEDO’s worldwide distribution network has made the company the preferred supplier of companies such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx plus small carriers, warehouses and postal companies around the globe.

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