puzzle_simpleFreeway®, the integrated end-of-line logistics system created by Elettric 80 is now in its 4th generation.

Many of you were already able to witness the advantages of this system at Munich’s Drinktec fair last September. This year, for more than two months, you’ll have an opportunity to visit our headquarters in Viano (Reggio Emilia) to see the continued developments that have gone into Freeway® 4th Generation and to actually see it in operation. What will be demonstrated is a system that combines:

DRAGON – High speed robotised palletising system capable of handling all pack sizes and packaging types that increase efficiency in the food, beverage and tissue industries.

LGV – Laser-guided 4th generation warehouse automation vehicles able to reach up to 11 meters in height. They set a new benchmark for automated vehicles in terms of speed and capabilities to operate in existing warehouses including trailer loading. They are lithium-battery powered and energy efficient.

SILKWORM – Robotised finished pallet stretchwrappers. Use less film while maintaining absolute quality of the product and ensuring load stability even during long hours of transport over rough roads. Moreover, the stretchwrapping programs are extremely flexible, with over 400% film pre-stretching, monitored in real time. The Silkworm range of stretchwrappers can wrap 50 to 180 pallets per hour using 17 to 50 micron film.

WMS – Total system Management software. Allows all the operating phases to be managed in real time in the most rational way, i.e. production, data tracking, labelling, warehouse mapping, and shipments. Moreover, it optimises the missions of both laser-guided vehicles and fork lift trucks operated in the manual mode.

You’ll be able to see how these systems have developed at Open House 2010.

In addition to the equipment, the company will demonstrate its high quality after-sales services – including documentation, round-the-clock assistance, and spare parts fulfillment.

While in the area, every Tuesday and Thursday it is also possible to visit Tetra Pak in Modena, where Elettric 80’s integrated end-of-line and logistic systems with WMS are operating in conjunction with a complete Tetra Pak packaging line.

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