michaelconroy-fvPALLET networks have revolutionised the way that goods are transported from A to B, according to one of the logistic sector’s leading figures.

Addressing more than 100 key business leaders in London, including operators, shippers, industry suppliers and high volume generators, Palletforce CEO Michael Conroy underlined how express pallet networks have transformed the transport industry.

As head of the UK’s leading palletised distribution network, Mr Conroy was speaking at this year’s Mail & Express Delivery Show – a unique forum that tackles key issues in the market.

Speaking about a ‘new dawn for distribution logistics’ at London’s Novotel Hotel on Wednesday, April 21, he was keen to educate delegates about the pallet sector.

“What is the pallet sector?” asked Mr Conroy.

“If you are in the transport industry you probably know the answer. But if you ask ten business leaders that question most are likely to think it’s a company supplying wooden pallets.

“Amazing really, when you think that over the last ten years pallet networks have literally revolutionised the way goods are transported from A to B.”

In 2009, more than 12million pallets a year were transported by pallet networks – yet many business leaders remain simply unaware of the benefits of using a shared delivery network… and the possibilities that can be unlocked.

With so many advantages, Mr Conroy went on to explain how by their very nature networks have helped cut unnecessary vehicle movements, reduced fuel usage and brought the flexibility to transport smaller loads on a daily basis.

As well as being at the forefront of dramatically reducing the transport sector’s carbon footprint, Mr Conroy also outlined how the asset base within a pallet network far outstrips any 3PL and how successful operators had embraced new technology and ways of working.

Mr Conroy added: “Transporting goods is the lifeblood of today’s world. We are a consumer-led nation and someone has to deliver our home comforts.

“The trick is how to do this while being as green, efficient and responsible as possible.

“With quality, innovation and a strong eco-message, pallet networks have delivered a 21st Century solution for express palletised transportation.”

For more information visit www.palletforce.com or call 08450 944441.

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