1271325010392-ttp-1Since the successful launch of the SLX range by Thermo King, Technical Transport Products (TTP), Thermo King’s dealer in Northern Ireland, decided to put a demo trailer on the road in order to allow customers to trial the products for a period of time. The demo trailer was fitted out with an SLX 300 50 unit and has been spotted on the road, by eagle eyed customers, throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.

The demo trailer also featured a variety of accessories including:

• Thermo King Tracking

• Remote Status Light

• Electronic Door Switch

• 230 Litre Polyethylene Fuel Tank

• Fuel Sensor

The trial of the demo trailer and unit is still ongoing and TTP believe that it has been an extremely successful venture.

Once a customer takes possession of the trailer, the TTP team then schedules a visit to give the user an information pack and go through the various features of the unit and accessories. The customer is also allocated a temporary password to track his vehicle using the innovative TK TracKing system.

The TTP team also outline the mapping capabilities, reporting, fuel monitoring and alarm notification available as part of the TracKing system.

Once the trial period is over the customer is revisited and fills out a questionnaire. To date the results of the questionnaire have been extremely encouraging for the new product.

Some of the comments received from the operators and drivers have included:

• They liked the sleek appearance of the SLX

• Good, easy to use, good pull down

• Liked the noise level and the SR2 controller is easy to use

• Quiet and very easy on diesel

• Good, quiet, frozen load pull down was very quick. Drivers liked it

Tracy Martin, TTP’s Sales Manager comments, “The SLX demo unit has proved very successful with customers as it has backed up again and again what we as dealers and Thermo King as the manufacturer claim the unit can deliver. It is great to be able to offer the end-user the opportunity to experience the results first-hand. We are delighted with the feedback received.”

Launched to build on the market-leading SL range, the SLX directly responds to customer needs for maximum performance, minimal environmental impact and low cost of ownership.

The SLX design team optimised the refrigeration system for significant performance gains. This means that engine operating speeds have been reduced, but with no loss in cooling capacity or airflow. Slower engine speeds give a quieter engine which uses less fuel, and prolongs the life of moving parts.

For more information about the SLX visit the website

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