minster-logoMinster Logistics continues to deliver results with its fully voice-enabled Warehouse Management System. This ‘state of the art’ system covers all aspects of the warehousing operation including receipt of goods, put-away, replenishment, picking, marshalling, loading, cross-docking and transhipment, full stock takes and perpetual inventory.

Central to the system is the Voice Management Console. This powerful facility allows all warehousing activity to be monitored and controlled. The console presents a high level view of each major warehouse activity, (e.g. put-away, picking etc.), with a graphical indication of how the activity is progressing for the day. Drill down options show the detail for each major activity, (e.g. the orders currently being picked, pallets currently being loaded onto a vehicle etc.).

The console includes an alerts panel that instantly highlights issues requiring urgent management attention, such as empty picking locations or where a picking shortage has been detected.

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