jcbs-excavator-parts-being-transported-on-the-new-overhead-conveyor-from-ci-logisticsCI Logistics has designed, manufactured and installed its Conveyors International 458 overhead conveyor system into the new powder coating plant at JCB Heavy Products in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. The heavy duty, drop forged conveyor provides continuous, reliable transport for a range of fabrications through the various stages of the painting facility.

This modern powder coating plant is part of a new installation to increase the capacity of JCB Heavy Products based in a 450,000 sq ft purpose built factory alongside the A50.  JCB’s Heavy Products manufactures excavators weighing up to 46 tonnes for the global market.

CI Logistics – a strong reputation for quality products

A JCB spokesman said: “It was a joint decision between JCB and our turnkey process equipment supplier to use the Leicester based company, CI Logistics.   It is a well established company in the manufacturing industry with a strong reputation for quality products.”

Versatile saw-toothed flight bars

Inside the painting facility excavator parts are loaded manually onto robust saw-toothed flight bars for their overhead journey around the paint plant. These special flight bars make the conveyor very versatile as the products can be hung securely from any part of the flight bar.

Reliable transportation around the plant

The overhead conveyor from CI Logistics provides sturdy transport for the JCB products. It is 250m long with a load bearing of 750kg over a 2m span. Powered by dual drive electric motors, the conveyor moves the fabrications continuously around the plant.

Once loaded, the parts are taken through a pre-treatment zone, then on to the powder spraying booth, drying ovens and finally, to an unloading area. Here the parts are systematically checked for quality of paint finish by operatives, before being taken down from the overhead transport system.

Quality for over 30 years

The Conveyors International brand of overhead conveyors from CI Logistics was founded over 30 years ago. Using experienced teams of in-house project managers, mechanical and electrical design engineers it offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of chain conveyor and electrified monorail systems in the UK.

The materials handling solutions it provides are realised via a wide range of services, from initial system design and manufacture through to installation and after-sales support.

CI Logistics

Tel: 0116 276 1691

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