lpt2009019-opaque-blue-ink-1043-lx2219A range of industries is set to benefit from the latest ink launched by coding and marking specialist Linx Printing Technologies.  Linx Opaque blue ink 1043 is a high opacity ink in a distinctive sky blue colour, developed for industrial and commercial Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) applications. 

The legibility and high contrast delivered by opaque CIJ inks makes them a valuable tool for marking parts and materials for traceability purposes. The sky blue colour of Linx Opaque blue ink 1043 has been chosen following widespread customer demand, due to its ability to offer distinctive results with both light and dark substrates.

Linx Opaque blue ink 1043 adheres strongly to a range of substrates including PVC, plastics and rubber, making it ideal for a range of industries. Typical markets include cable extrusions, building materials and discrete marking of parts that operate under harsh conditions, such as aerospace or automotive components. Packaging applications can also benefit from the branding potential of the attractive sky blue colour.

Long-term reliability is assured by the ink’s excellent resistance to factors that can adversely affect performance, including heat, light and chemicals. The ink is temperature resistant to 200ºC and maintains legibility to 300ºC. Robust UV resistance gives the ink light-fastness to prevent it fading, while it is resilient to chemical splash from akalis, acids, water, alcohol, petrol and cutting fluid

Linx Opaque blue ink 1043 is optimised for Linx’s specialist CIJ solution for pigmented inks, the Linx 7300 Spectrum. “The right combination of printer and ink is crucial to achieving the best coding results possible, and the ink has been developed with the capabilities of the Spectrum model in mind,” confirms Charles Randon, Linx’s Senior Product Manager for CIJ.

Customers also benefit from the ink’s MEK base, which ensures a fast drying time of 1-2 seconds for smudge-free coding, and economic solvent usage of only 6-8ml per hour.

“Linx Opaque blue ink 1043 has already enjoyed successful customer trials in Germany and the Czech Republic, and we are confident that our ‘blue sky thinking’ will prove popular worldwide,” concludes Charles Randon.

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