sharps1Two of European Handling’s FG25 Artison forklift trucks are playing an important role at Sharp’s Brewery in Cornwall. Supplied and serviced by European’s local distributor Roche Materials Handling, the feisty 2.5 tonne gas powered trucks are fitted with keg handlers and feature partial cabs for additional operator protection.

Sharp’s Brewery, founded in 1994 at Rock in Cornwall, has enjoyed significant success and is now believed to be the largest brewer of cask conditioned beer in the South West of England.

The Sharp’s brewing process incorporates all the best practices from Britain’s rich brewing heritage to produce the highest quality beer.

Further growth in 2009 initiated the requirement for additional materials handling equipment and although Roche only became involved with the project at the eleventh hour, Sharp’s were so impressed with the competitiveness and performance of the Artison during the site demonstration that they immediately placed the order for two trucks.

Roche’s MD Brian Mitchell is delighted with the confidence placed in the Artison: “We realised that Sharp’s were already a long way down the decision process, but fortunately we were given the opportunity to demonstrate the FG25’s capabilities. This truck offers unrivalled value for money and provides excellent operational reliability. Following on from this, we have now been awarded the service contract for all Sharpe’s materials handling equipment at Rock and Bristol.”

At a time when companies are having to keep a close eye on their budgets, the cost conscious, ergonomically designed Artison forklift is certainly no ‘young pretender’ when it comes to, performance, reliability and looks. Manufactured in Taiwan by one of the world’s largest forklift manufacturers, the Artison has an impressive 7000 mm lift height and is available in capacities from 2000 kg to 3500 kg, at load centres of 500mm.

“We are glad to say staff at Sharp’s are pleased with the fork lift trucks as they are vital to the operation on both sites:” concludes Brian Mitchell.

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