delta-duty-suspended-goods-eu-wide-emcs-launch-300dpi-imageDeltaWMS:Bond warehouse management system will support new EU-wide ‘EMCS’ initiative to capture and monitor duty-suspended, excise goods – electronically

DeltaWMS, the UK’s fastest growing supplier of interactive warehouse management systems is the first software supplier to have completed Revenue & Customs HMR&C system testing for EMCS – the new Excise Movement and Control, EU-wide system designed to capture and monitor duty-suspended excise goods electronically and scheduled for April 2010 launch – DeltaWMS has announced. Delta’s DeltaWMS:Bond, best-in-class bonded warehouse management system can now be used by participants in the EMCS process to electronically capture the movement of bonded goods – linking 150,000 traders in 27 national administrations across the EU.

EMCS was originally agreed by all Member States in June 2003 and replaces the current paper-based Administrative Accompanying Document (AAD) system. This move follows the recommendations of an EU High Level Working Group which analysed excise fraud and identified weaknesses in excise procedures – notably AAD. EU Member States’ national EMCS’ will be linked through a central domain maintained by the European Commission.

EMCS will capture and process AAD information for all movements of duty-suspended excise goods, validating data and notifying dispatch and receipt in real time. Registered warehouse keepers will exchange electronic messages containing specific consignment and movement information with their trading counterparts, throughout the EU.

“Our early success with EMCS underlines our pre-eminent position in the bonded warehouse segment of the supply chain software market” comments Delta director Lance Bennett. “Because DeltaWMS:Bond has been developed from scratch for bonded warehouse users it will optimise ECMS performance”.

Delta is a leading just-in-time supply chain technology innovator whose unique graphical map manages warehouse inventory – interactively and in real-time – to optimise productivity; delivering measurable improvements for third party logistics, wholesale distribution, manufacturing and bonded warehouses. DeltaWMS works closely with its chosen partners in voice, barcode scanning, radio frequency, RFID and other technologies to extend the power and reach of its systems.

DeltaWMS:Bond has been developed in co-operation with the industry and HMRC.

DeltaWMS:Bond meets the needs of the bonded warehouse keeper, from single-user wine merchant to multi-user third party logistics (TPL) organisation. It provides complete warehouse control and a comprehensive audit trail, and is fully compliant with HMRC Notices 197 and 232 for the operation of alcohol and tobacco warehouses. Reporting via DeltaWMS:Bond significantly reduces administration costs by producing documentation identical to the HMRC approved forms.

DeltaWMS:Bond can operate as a stand-alone solution: it can also be integrated with a DeltaWMS manufacturing, distribution or TPL system, or with the user’s chosen stock control/accounts package.

Suitable for both single and multi-site deployment, DeltaWMS:Bond has an open database and can be quickly and cost-effectively implemented to deliver immediate bottom line benefits and a faster return on investment.


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