tim-sutcliffe-2-july-08New advances in Barker Ross Recruitment’s biometric system brings even greater benefits to warehousing, distribution and industrial sectors.

Further advances in new access control technology which accurately records agency workers’ time and attendance, is helping warehousing and distribution businesses across the UK keep better track of labour costs

The state of the art biometric system – now offering real time, browser-based cost analysis in addition to many other benefits – has been installed at a number of industrial sites by Midlands’ recruitment consultancy Barker Ross.

This technology, which works by reading the unique shape of a person’s hand, is, says Barker Ross, saving clients thousands of pounds in reduced administration and management costs. Its method of use removes the need for clock cards, signing in sheets or company swipe cards – and stops the costly practice of buddy punching where workers swipe or clock each other in and out.

And, in a latest development, employers are now able to access information via an IP address using their own unique log-in, a facility which enables them to identify who is on site at any given time whenever they choose to.

Among the businesses already enjoying these advantages, is Leicester-based Dominoes Toys – the Midlands largest independent toy retailer which includes mail order business MailOrderExpress.com and who last year saw combined annual turnover grow by more than £1.5 million to 3.6 million.

Barker Ross installed the units into Dominoes’ warehouse last year and the retailer has since extended the system’s use to monitoring the cost of its own workforce.

Steven Sansom, chairman of Dominoes Toys which regularly uses temporary labour supplied by Barker Ross, added: “We are incredibly impressed with the system and the reports that Barker Ross is able to produce for us.

“These reports enable us to see labour costs in the format we choose, whether that is by person, department, shift or timeframe.

“This service has become so useful to us that we have put some of our own employees through the biometrics system so we now have the additional benefit of being able to accurately view our own labour costs.”

Tim Sutcliffe, director of Barker Ross’s industrial division said the system’s advantages were being seen across a wide range of manufacturing and distribution industries, including food production and packaging.

He added: “We supply staff to many large industrial clients across the Midlands and can have as many as 100 workers on site at any one time.

“The accuracy of this system – which we  install without any extra costs to our clients – means we can produce detailed reports that show, for example the cost of an individual worker, a shift or a whole week of shifts. Similarly it removes the need for detailed invoices and makes it almost impossible for overpayment or underpayment queries to occur.

“As well as the cost and time saving benefits, the system also has positive health and safety implications, particularly on sites where a large number of people are working.”

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