chazWelcome to the 15 February Warehouse & Logistics News. Here we are, Valentine’s Day again. Who would you like to send a love note to, in the public arena? If you have to run vehicles into London and deal with the Congestion Charge, Low Emission Zone and all that, you’d probably like to send a particularly spiky Valentine to the Mayor of London and another equally thorny one to Transport for London. Or how about a couple of barbed bouquets to HM Customs & Excise and the Department for Transport?

Moving on from the thought of sarcastic Valentines for the officials who make our working life difficult, we’d like to send our very best regards to all you readers in the warehouse & logistics business who came to see us on our stand at Logistics Link South at Sandown Park, and to all the companies exhibiting alongside us. We hope you had a successful show.

In this issue we’ve got three important scheduled features to bring you up to date. The Loading Bay feature includes doors, dock levellers and dock lifts. Under Pallet Management, we have a review of major national and regional pallet service providers, and in Order Picking, we look at pickers, pick to light and voice picking.

The last two years haven’t been an easy time for anyone in the warehousing & logistics business, but at least the industry has slimmed down ready for the recovery. Whenever that happy day comes.

One thing we do know in the meantime is that the recession has brought some exciting business developments for Combined Flooring Services, the flooring flatness experts profiled in this issue.

CFS originally set up as general specialists in flooring flatness, offering consultancy, surveying and flatness implementation to the wider industrial marketplace. In the construction sector they continue to carry out surveys to ensure floors achieve superflatness and train contractors’ staff to attain superflat floors. But during the recession, CFS’ other major marketplace, the warehousing and logistics industry, has seen a sea change, literally at floor level. Fewer new warehouses are being built, and existing warehousing operations are working more intensely, squeezing the maximum performance out of their existing space.

This has sharpened the focus on VNA working and on repairing and refurbishing existing warehouses, starting with improving the floor. It’s taken Combined Flooring Services into some major new areas – wire guidance installation and troubleshooting, high tolerance floor grinding, Very Narrow Aisle floor consultancy services and crucially, floor repairs, all of which help the warehouses concerned become more efficient.

Happy reading.

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