wrapsmart-websiteA new website has been launched which aims to help users of hand applied pallet stretchwrap operate in a greener, more business efficient way. www.wrapsmart.co.uk was created by bpi.films, the UK’s leading manufacturer of pallet stretchwrap, shrink and converter films, as part of an on-going drive to raise awareness of its Wrapsmart range.

Significantly extended in 2009, the Wrapsmart range, which consists of hand applied pallet stretchwraps, now includes films for general, food and cold chain use as well as a product that employs a black tint to make it easier to identify specific pallets like those of an urgent nature. All four films employ downgauging technology to deliver the performance of films that are up to twice their thickness.

The new site hopes to raise awareness of the benefits of this downgauging such as the fact that less film by volume is required to wrap a given load and so less packaging waste is created. It also offers downloadable leaflets and video presentations, as well as guidance on how to wrap for optimum results using a downgauged film.

Commenting on the launch of wrapsmart.co.uk, Louise Aplin, Marketing Manager at bpi.films, said: “Being an environmentally responsible manufacturer isn’t just about offering greener products; it’s also about ensuring people understand what the environmental benefits are from using them. That’s why bpi.films has developed wrapsmart.co.uk. Far from simply promoting one range of products, it aims to be an informative resource that encourages a new way of thinking.”


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