top-vox-logoIncrease warehouse efficiency even more with the new features of topSpeech-Lydia® 6.0 speech-based picking solution by top-VOX.

As the market-leading IT specialist for logistics applications, top-VOX now provides new performance-enhancing features in its topSpeech-Lydia® 6.0 version of their popular pick by voice solution.

This latest version of the pick by voice solution from top-VOX now also offers wireless telephony which enables a direct connection between warehouse management and picker. In addition, topSpeech-Lydia 6.0 now also supports the WLAN security standard 802.11i with WPA 2 including AES-256-encoding.

Logistics centers and warehouse operations increasingly rely on speech-based picking or “Pick by Voice” solutions to improve warehouse efficiency. It has already been well-established that speech-based picking increases commissioning efficiency when compared to traditional paper-based picking processes.

With topSpeech-Lydia 6.0 from top-VOX, employees are able to communicate with their ERP system by means of a headset and standard PDA, or alternatively with the VOXter® warehouse management system for especially harsh warehouse conditions. The entire picking process takes place in a continual speech input and output dialogue in any chosen national language which requires the employee to confirm every picking step with the system. The unique audio filter and a specially developed speech model removes general background noise such as the loud sounds of a warehouse environment, thus delivering a high recognition rate despite warehouse noise.

Most speech-based systems normally require special training, but with topSPEECH-Lydia 6.0 this is not necessary. “Lydia’s” intuitive operation streamlines the implementation process. Its speaker-independent speech recognizer also has the ability to rapidly adjust to individual speakers, even in cases of rapid speech or unclear pronunciation. This results in a higher recognition rate and better efficiency. Furthermore, employees with dialects or strong accents who do not achieve adequate recognition can optimize the speech system by means of a simple speech test. “Lydia” from top-VOX thus directly “learns” to take into account the individual speech idiosyncrasies of the picker.

If the speech client needs to be maintained or newly configured, the topSPEECH-Lydia 6.0 service module has a tool which allows convenient and problem-free adjustment of the system.

With top-VOX pick by voice solutions it is possible to execute the commissioning process quickly and accurately. topSPEECH-Lydia 6.0 has the fastest response time and the highest speech recognition rate in the industry, and delivers a significant and rapid return on investment by increasing warehouse efficiency while also reducing administration outlay, commissioning errors and customer complaints.

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