dashboardInnovative map icons that change colour with a vehicle’s speed have been added to Quartix Pay As You Go, the popular online tracking system.

Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director, said: “With increasing emphasis on health and safety, this new feature is exactly what our customers have been asking for.

“It’s extremely easy to understand.  An operator can see by glancing at their screen whether a driver is travelling a little too fast, crawling along because of heavy traffic or for some reason has stopped completely.

“Every vehicle in a fleet is shown in real-time. It’s possible to see exactly what’s happening, and where, twenty-four hours a day.

“In addition, all historical data is held so it can be used at any time for health and safety/performance reviews.”

In April, Quartix became the UK’s first telematics provider to introduce pay-as-you-go, adding it to its lease-finance and outright purchase options. Since then the company has become the UK’s first to provide PAYG with Google Maps and the first to offer a unique on-screen ‘dashboard,’ giving at-a-glance, real-time information about a fleet’s  performance.

Today, Quartix Pay As You Go accounts for 67 per cent of the company’s overall sales.

Mr Kirk added: “This rapid rise is being driven by strong demand.

“The reason is straightforward: no-one wants to be tied to a long-term vehicle-tracking contract during a downturn. Quartix Pay-As-You-Go has proved to be just the right product at just the right time

“In 2010, thanks to innovative features such as our latest Speeding Reports, we anticipate PAYG will account for 80 per cent of sales, with lease-finance and outright purchase taking up the remaining 20 per cent.”

For more information contact Andy Kirk on 0870 013 6663 or email enquiries@quartix.net

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