TGW Systems Integration – a leading supplier of intra-logistics systems – and Crisplant – a world leader in automated handling systems – have been awarded a contract to install state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution systems in the new Logistics Centre North for clothing retailer, Bestseller, in Haderslev, Denmark. Throughout negotiations for this new-build project, Bestseller placed significant emphasis on achieving the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility, as well as on providing unrivalled working conditions for their employees.

  • Bestseller invests in a new, highly automated Logistics Centre designed by TGW and Crisplant
  • System designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and overall carbon footprint
  • TGW and Crisplant also awarded 5-year full service contract to operate and maintain the new material handling systems

During installation of the material handling, storage, sorter and control system, TGW Systems Integration and Crisplant will work closely to install a ‘green’ solution with TGW’s automated mini-load carton storage, carton and pallet conveyor equipment and Warehouse Management System as well as a Crisplant LS-4000E sorter.

63-2Bestseller is a family-owned company whose strong ethical stance is embodied in its ten founding principles which include honesty, loyalty and co-operation. Founded in 1975, Bestseller employs more than 39,000 people and achieved sales figures in excess of 1.45 billion Euros in 2007/8. The company sells clothes and accessories via more than 12,000 multi-brand retailers and over 5,000 Bestseller stores across 43 countries worldwide.

Investing in the new Logistics Centre North (LCN) will allow Bestseller to reduce their storage and distribution costs and manage fluctuations in demand, improve the flexibility of customer order fulfilment and meet faster delivery targets. The automated centre will provide a safer working environment for the staff and increase delivery accuracy, giving Bestseller comprehensive management information on their inventory and order flows.

TGW and Crisplant tailored a robust and reliable automated solution, which provides maximum security when handling the products at the new Bestseller’s Logistics Centre North. TGW’s conveyor systems and highly dynamic Mustang mini-load AS/R system, combined with Crisplant’s LS-4000E high-speed sorter, allow for direct carton handling throughout the centre to optimise operational resources. Urs Siegenthaler, TGW Systems Integration’s Managing Director, explains, “The new Logistics Centre will prepare Bestseller for future expansions. These well-proven technologies optimise the direct carton handling, from goods receiving to dispatch. The design of the picking and palletising workstations provide for highly efficient and ergonomic operations.”

Sustainability and energy-efficiency were key objectives for the design of the Logistics Centre North, which was why Bestseller decided to install the industry’s most energy-efficient sorter. The Crisplant LS-4000E high-speed sorter features a new motor technology that reduces energy-consumption by 75%, compared to an equivalent sorter based on conventional motor technology.

The design allows the system to be adapted to meet higher peak flows, supporting future growth. This approach preserves Bestseller’s investment in the Logistics Centre and also minimises the environmental impact of further expansion.

Work on the new Logistics Centre North has already begun, with archaeological and environmental tests. Go-live of the centre is scheduled for 2012.

Crisplant’s Logistic Systems Director, Henrik Mortensen comments, “Bestseller’s guiding principles of responsible production and social awareness mean that they set very high goals for this project. The low energy consumption achieved by the LS-4000E will play a major role in allowing Bestseller to combine state-of-the-art logistics with sound environmental practices, supporting a sustainable future for Bestseller’s employees, customers, suppliers and neighbours.” TGW’s Urs Siegenthaler adds, “Bestseller also emphasised the long-term operational reliability, which is crucial for the company’s future expansion plans. Therefore, Crisplant and TGW have been awarded a 5-year full service contract for the entire logistics installation which allows us to participate fully in helping to design a successful future for our customer.”

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