cimg2035The Newcastle based industrial door solutions company, Hart Door Systems, ended 2009  with a strong order book based on its Speedor energy saving door range.

Sales Manager, Julian Britnell reports that sales have come from a wide range of industrial sectors for a host of applications. “Our ability to design a solution for specific uses enables us to work hand in hand with clients,” says Mr. Britnell. “The challenge could be environmental, it could be health and safety driven, it could be logistical, the important thing is being able to supply the appropriate answer.”

Mr. Britnell adds: “The fact that we are a British manufacturer designing, making, installing and servicing our products is a huge strength. Our 30 years plus experience speaks for itself as does our extended warranties and purchase/leasing options.”

Speedor is an automatic door usually in highly visible safety yellow but often it can be supplied in other colours if required. Its high speed open/close cycle reduces the inflow of cold air and the escape of heated air in high traffic, internal or external situations.

“We have numerous instances of factory heating systems being turned down post Speedor installation with clear implications for energy bills and payback. This has created a loyal client base. For example since buying its first Speedor last December one Scottish customer bought a further eight between January of this year and August.”

The Speedor range works across industry where, for example, heat sensitive production processes are important, clean room environment is a consideration, dust and vermin control and so on.

An important feature is Speedor’s cost-effective, multi-function, microprocessor control panel. Designed with user-friendly operation and easy maintenance in mind, this option-rich system has a host of readily available features including LCD display in English, signalling and monitoring operations, activity time and date recording and fault diagnosis.

Speedor Easyclean has been developed for the food industry to combine green requirements with hygiene through its special anti-bacterial ingredient and ease of washing-down. Hart’s insulated high speed door is also in increasing demand.

This demonstrates Hart’s awareness of the need to be flexible to develop appropriate solutions for industry. Optional ATEX compliance is another instance where the company has developed the product for use in high-risk explosion/fire situations.

This ability to create the best solution was demonstrated when Hart developed a high speed smoke shutter for all of Terminal Five’s check in facilities. Added to a range of fire shutters for St Pancras International and its current work on the Dubai Metro, Hart’s reputation is clearly far beyond the borders of the UK.

Hart Door Systems

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