f_storopack_airplus_gti_001AIRplus® GTI from Storopack represents a new performance standard: the machine processes up to 23 metres of air-cushioning film per minute. Compared to the standard available on the market so far, this represents almost a doubling of the rate. The system is thus highly suitable for so-called “speed lines”, which are common within the new generation of automated logistics companies. As the operating speed of the packers is exceeded, setting up a storage container is not necessary. Control of the feed supply is via a sensor.

The equipment can be set up ergonomically directly at the conveyor belt. If desired, the packaging advisors of Storopack will provide support for the optimal placement and integration into the processes of the company. Alternatively, the supply can be regulated via a foot pedal instead of the sensor. In both cases, packers have both hands free for separating the padding into the desired lengths and securing the goods in the package.

AIRplus® GTI processes the entire range of different AIRplus® films. For each application there are different cushion formats and forms, including cavity filling, wrapping and padding. The so-called cushion film with a width of 400 mm, for example, is particularly suitable for wrapping the packaged goods. Companies which replace bubble wrap from the roll with this material save on costs for storage and logistics, because they manufacture the cushion film “on demand”.

The material used for all AIRplus® films is a co-extruded quality film with a three-layered structure. Compared to mono-extruded plastics, the material consumption is thereby reduced, the elasticity is increased and the low permeability ensures that the air-filling is not lost.

The AIRplus® GTI system supplements the machine range of the AIRplus® series. The version AIRplus® mini is used worldwide and is a reliable and popular system to satisfy small and medium-sized requirements. The AIRplus® Bag Separator provides an automated supply system, which supplies the air cushions already divided up into padding lengths directly to the packing area via a respectively designed infrastructure. A video is available under www.storopack.co.uk/airplusgti which shows the new machine in action.

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