Proteus Software is adding an advanced voice capability to the PROTEUS® Warehouse Management System using Vocollect’s VoiceWorld Suite™.

Voice technology helps supply chain organizations obtain proven gains in productivity, accuracy, safety and job satisfaction. The PROTEUS voice solution literally talks people through their daily tasks, replacing cumbersome paperwork and traditional data capture methods with hands-free, personal voice dialogs.

Howard Turvey, Managing Director of Proteus Software says:  “After a careful evaluation of the available options, we selected Vocollect’s VoiceWorld Suite technology because it offers the advanced capabilities necessary to enable a very tight integration at a warehouse task level between the PROTEUS WMS and the voice technology. These new capabilities will enable PROTEUS to offer powerful functionality not available with many current voice based applications, which further increases productivity and efficiency in the warehouse.”

Proteus Software will be using Vocollect’s new VoiceInterface Objects™, a component of Vocollect’s VoiceWorld Suite which provides a robust and consistent environment for the development of voice applications.  Key to this is the capability to provide real time transaction level interaction between the PROTEUS application and the voice terminal.

The addition of voice capability to the PROTEUS WMS means that customer can choose paper, wireless terminals and bar code scanning, or voice as the medium for delivery of the instructions to the warehouse operative.  To provide maximum flexibility, a different option can be used for different tasks, for example, picking, putaway, replenishment, or different areas of the warehouse.

Howard Turvey adds, “We are very pleased to be working with Vocollect and are excited about the new developments that will further strengthen the position of PROTEUS as a world class application for warehouse management.”

Proteus Software Limited

Linda Rodway

Tel: 0121 717 7474

Vocollect Europe

Dawn McMorrow

Tel: 01628 552900

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