asos3_jpgSpecialist Reznor contractor, County Plumbing & Heating, has successfully completed a challenging project using Reznor equipment ,  made possible by the technical expertise of both companies, installing a large and complex heating system within limited space for’s new 52,000sq ft warehouse in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

The new facility for online clothing giant,, was fitted out by Unipart Logistics under project manager Dennis Crumpen. Now complete it is also operated by the same company. And thanks to the unique heating system, all staff are guaranteed a consistently comfortable working environment throughout the day.

A multi level mezzanine with four floors was constructed inside the warehouse to increase the picking faces available. With low ceiling heights, a dense population and an increased number of picking aisles space was at a premium.

However, experienced in heating and ventilation systems CPH – using the innovative Reznor Air Mixing system – was more than capable of providing a solution.

As with all multi level mezzanine systems of this type, there were concerns that heat from the bottom level would rise to the top. This would cause the top level to be too warm, whilst the bottom was left under heated.

Additionally, with such a vast volume of air to be heated, combined with minimal headroom it took careful planning to fit all the equipment in. This included four UDSA heaters, 14 Maximizor 9000 de-stratification fans for the loading and marshalling area and 16 T2000 heaters and almost a kilometre of Air Mixing for the mezzanine area.

A highly innovative concept, the Air Mixing works by providing an evenly diffused distribution of warm air. Installed within the mezzanine levels, it makes sure that each level is provided with the best conditions, with no level either left too hot or too cold.

As headroom and space was limited in this area, Reznor’s Air Mixing system was ideal. Using the half round ducts meant it was able to deliver the best results without compromising the design air volumes or taking up valuable headroom and space.

Serving each run of Air mixing duct within these four mezzanine levels are Reznor’s T2095HB35 gas-fired unit heaters. The ‘Hybrid’ units were used for efficiency as a smaller burner is fitted when the system has a large fresh air requirement relevant to a small heatloss. Four heaters per level were used, spread evenly to allow duct runs down each main aisle. With a high thermal efficiency of up to 91%, energy loss is minimal. This ensures the site’s energy costs are kept down.

Equally important, the heaters ensure that workers are not only supplied with warm air, but also fresh air. It does this by introducing air from outside the building using the damper arrangement on the heaters, which modulate from recirculated to fresh air depending on the internal conditions.

With four of its UDSA units – Reznor’s advanced, cost-effective gas fired heaters – warming air within the larger, open spaces,’s new warehouse has all it needs to ensure its workers are kept within the best conditions all year round.

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