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PANTOS LOGISTICS, the Korean-owned logistics and forwarding company, says the development of ‘Single Window’, its new single portal facility for inventory, tracking and document management, is at the heart of its supply chain operations – providing global visibility, from order-processing through to final delivery.

The company employs all its physical resources to support the operation of its supply chain requirements, and holds over 80 million stock units globally at any given time – all visible to customers through the Single Windows portal.

Says Mark Talbot, Business Development Director: “The system now processes over 94,000 transactions a day, and now there are 22 customers linked to the system globally, with 15 using its full inventory and tracking capabilities. The system is linked by EDI interface to some 46 ocean carriers and 17 airlines, to provide real time tracking status, updated regularly throughout the day through the interfaces.”

Adds Mr. Talbot: “As with any sophisticated system, connections are essential to interface with customers’ ERP systems, such as SAP and other similar solutions. We now have six such direct interfaces with customers that serve to facilitate visibility from the forecasting and planning phase of the supply chain, through to electronic payment and financial management processes. The 50 or so Pantos warehouses that operate the system manage some 80,000,000 stock items at any given stage, providing over 1,000,000 sq. metres of warehouse space across the network. In 2009 our aim is to roll the system out to incorporate links with over 50 customers globally, and we are already seeing a high degree of positive interest from both existing and new customers as they strive to increase visibility and simplify their own supply chain processes”.

The four key fundamentals of the system are:

In Transit Visibility:- This can be provided at container level, product level, P.O. or S.O. level or vendor or customer level to offer maximum flexibility and to incorporate consistency across the customers operations.

Inventory Management:- Visibility is maintained through a number of stages incorporating in transit, on hand, allocated to order or quality inspection. The visibility is consistent across the entire network whether a customer is working with one or multiple warehouses.

Document Management:- To eradicate the need to move commercial and shipping documents physically through the process, the system enables document capture and management by “attaching” those documents to the respective consignment and subsequently making them visible to all parties in the chain.

Reporting:- The system is specifically designed to facilitate simplicity of report writing and excel downloads, so that customers can manipulate the data for their own internal needs and to share across their business. Another critical feature of the system is the exception reporting element, enabling customers to focus on these elements.

Pantos Logistics
Mark Talbot
Tel: 01753-610-421

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  1. I think if you want to do effective in supply chain management than you have to main focus on three terms & take proper steps in Transit visibility, Inventory management,Document management, Reporting & transportation. Planning in those terms are required for Supply chain.

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