01-front.jpgWelcome to the 15 April Warehouse & Logistics News. It’s not surprising so many Brits are cynical about life in this country, given our national media’s hysteria about mishaps. As a magazine dedicated to ‘W&L’ matters, this column would like to observe that T5’s brand new baggage conveyor system clogged soon after the grand opening because – according to national press reports – the overstretched staff couldn’t remove luggage quickly enough at the final unloading stage. The machinery itself worked fine.

Stuff happens: that’s life. Usually it’s sorted out soon enough. Unfortunately this time the glitches took place while the world’s media was watching. We wish everyone at T5 well, and look forward to going there one of these days.

Meanwhile the message is, Keep on keeping on! In this issue we’ve got a feature on The Loading Bay, including doors, dock levellers and dock lifts, to help you strengthen this vital part of your operation. We’ve also got interviews with two fast-growing companies, Stocklin and Containerlift.

When it comes to automated storage and handling on a large scale, the first choice for tailored solutions is Stocklin Ltd, UK subsidiary of the international Stocklin Group. Positioned at the forefront of the global material handling industry and specialising in the design, installation and support of automated storage and retrieval systems, Stocklin has been established here for over 20 years, delivering ASRS, mini-load cranes, conveyors and order-picking systems with fully integrated warehouse management and control. We speak to Peter Lerigo, Stocklin Ltd’s Sales and Marketing Manager.

Our other interview is with Containerlift, Britain’s leading provider of ground-based container handling services, and UK representative of world leading sidelifter manufacturer Steelbro. Sidelifters have been in regular use Down Under since the 1970s for lifting loaded shipping containers to the ground at importers’ premises and back onto trucks without needing costly container handling equipment. However these hardworking machines were largely unheard of here until 15 years ago, when a chance conversation in a New Zealand pub inspired Containerlift’s MD Doug Baker to bring the Sidelifter revolution this side of the globe.

Containerlift has also developed Truckcom, a powerful PDA-based haulage fleet management system connecting vehicles, offices and warehouses. Truckcom’s features include security tracking and vehicle telemetry. We speak to Joost Baker, Containerlift Sales Director and Hugh Wightwick, Truckcom’s head of Business Development, about how they are quietly transforming ‘W&L’ best practice.
Happy reading, and be successful – especially T5!

Charles Smith

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