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THE ANNUAL POWER SOURCES - LPG 139 Drivers tend to change their cylinders at the end of their shift, so depending on the temperature, product and equipment there can be between 5% and 15% of remaining LPG in the ‘empty’ cylinders creating wastage. WLN - How clean burning is LPG as a fuel in fork lift engines? Can LPG-powered fork lifts run indoors? In comparison to diesel, LPG is a cleaner burning fuel as it emits fewer harmful greenhouse gases and pollutants such as un- burnt fuel, which is a critical factor when the quality of goods and zero contamination is of high importance. With that in mind, LPG can be used both indoors and outdoors, eliminating the need to run two separate fuels. WLN - How does LPG compare with diesel or electricity as a fuel for fork lifts? How does the cost of running fork lifts on LPG compare with using electricity or diesel? In comparison to both diesel and electricity, LPG offers a cost effective way of fuelling a fleet of fork lift trucks as well as an excellent return on investment. Diesel is stored in bulk and would involve purchasing the storage tank, dispensing equipment and then buying the diesel in bulk. There is also a noticeable rise in the theft of diesel from sites which means a further security investment from the customer. Electric fork lift truck fleets require charging time as well as a back up of spare batteries and charging rooms for longer shifts, leaving the customer with a period of downtime. WLN - How can switching to an LPG-fuelled fleet improve working conditions? Is there any compromise on performance? LPG fuelled fork lifts generate less noise and vibrations in comparison to diesel fuelled fleets, creating a better working environment for operators. LPG has a high calorific value so lifting performance is not compromised. WLN - What safety precautions do industrial users need to put in place on their facilities to operate on LPG? When installing bulk storage vessels we always ensure that all Codes of Practice guidelines are fully adhered to. Our systems are designed to fully comply with industry HSSE and to meet the requirements of the customer. WLN - What other industrial uses does LPG have besides powering fork lifts? LPG is a versatile form of energy and can be used for a broad range of applications in businesses including industrial processes, manufacturing processes and large space heating – ideal for warehouses. WLN - It’s a competitive market place out there. Why buy LPG from you? At AvantiGas we understand that as a supplier, we need to ensure we have flexible solutions on offer to provide customers with the most cost effective way of managing their energy. We have gained years of experience and with our fresh approach to energy solutions, we’re passionate about meeting specific requirements. We see ourselves as the energy partner of our customers, rather than just a supplier, creating a working partnership so our customers have the best return on their investments. WLN - What is your ambition within the fork lift truck market sector in the UK? We aim to be the number one choice in the fork lift truck market. We create working partnerships with our customers to offer them the best service in delivery, health and safety and customer service, to meet our target of being the top fuel choice. WLN - Finally, where do you see the UK fork lift market and AvantiGas going from here? A lot of businesses are embracing AvantiGas LPG and what this brings to the fork lift market. We’re definitely seeing growth in the industry and are looking forward to a promising future. COMPANY INFORMATION Phone: 0808 208 0000 Email: Web: Twitter: @AvantiGas Facebook: AvantiGas LinkedIn: AvantiGas | THE ANNUAL 2014/15