There are several reasons why businesses outsource their order fulfilment and inventory warehousing to a 3rd party provider like Alpha Fulfilment and Warehousing.

E-commerce fulfilment involves the entire process for getting an order delivered. This process includes receiving and then correctly identifying and storing inventory, processing orders, pick and pack, and then shipping. A Fulfilment provider like Alpha specialises in these services. Making the decision to outsource your fulfilment is a big decision so it is vital to choose the right partner.

The most recommended option for small businesses that receive few daily orders are fulfilment providers that offer a pay-as-you-go pick and pack, and distribution model (this will normally include a small admin and warehousing fee). Effectively the e-commerce seller will only pay for what they sell and what we have fulfilled on their behalf – the more they sell, then the greater number of orders that are fulfilled by Alpha, and the more turnover and profit we both generate !

Growing businesses usually look for a new Fulfilment and Warehousing partner because it is cost effective, while established businesses often do it when they outgrow their storage and fulfilment capacity.

E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and the associated transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. You do however need the support of an excellent Fulfilment provider. E-commerce has many benefits with no geographical limitations and is easy to use. It gives the e-selling platform owner the luxury of managing their inventory, sales and invoices with the push of a button. With the increased market exposure that e-commerce provides, businesses can now attract people from all over the world to their on-line shop.

E-commerce businesses rely heavily on up-to-date and accurate data such as inventory levels, daily sales and order tracking information. This is done through EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – which is the computer to computer exchange of data such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory levels and shipping notifications. Alpha have expert IT resources on site to ensure the smooth facilitation of electronic data across a variety of platforms and programs, which currently include Amazon, Groupon and ASOS.

Alpha Fulfilment and Warehousing is one of the best e-commerce Fulfilment and Warehousing providers available in the UK. They provide support to over 30 e-commerce platforms with worldwide shipping, but also provide support for small businesses and start-ups without a minimum volume requirement.

Contact – Alpha Fulfilment and Warehousing – by phone on 01706 871424 and ask for Anthony Lord (Business Manager) or alternatively Steven Smith on email


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