Offering Customers Innovative, Sustainable and Resource saving packaging

Customers who are looking for protective packaging that delivers results but are also conscious of its impact on the environment are opting for the AIRplus® air cushions recycled packaging range from Storopack.

AIRplus® 50% recycled film available in Void, Bubble and Cushion film

Perfect for light to medium weight products. The recycled void film is already being used by retailers and e-commerce customers, and the recent additions to the range include recycled bubble and cushion film, widening the choice for recycled content products for in-the-box packaging.

However, this greener choice doesn’t mean a compromise on quality, and the range delivers the same outstanding packaging performance as conventional AIRplus®. The range includes a minimum of 50% recycled content PE film. It is made from a combination of post- production material and externally sourced recycled content.

Storopack Circular Economy Objectives

The extended recycled range supports Storopack’s Circular Economy objectives to keep products live for as long as possible, and extracting the maximum value during their lifespan. We currently use recycled materials in a wide range of packaging solutions, continuously working to increase the share of these materials.

Sustainable and Environmental

In addition, Storopack is a manufacturer who produces the majority of products in-house, and we are proud to report we already generate more than 30% of our revenue with products made from sustainable or recycled raw materials. As an ethical supplier Storopack also considers the environment in all new product innovation, and the focus is on sustainability and recycling. We are fully committed to creativity when it comes to product innovations and our portfolio already includes a large number of new and sustainable products.

BIO based products available since 2009 – certified to EN 13432 standards

Storopack offers a range of EN 13432 certified BIO based films and Loose Fill packaging, as well as recycled papers. The compostability of our AIRplus® BIO film and our Pelaspan® BIO Loose Fill packaging chips have been certified internationally in accordance with DIN EN 13432 (Europe) and ASTM D6400 (USA).

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew – The AIRplus® range is not only made of recycled content but can also be easily reused and recycled. Recycling details are printed on all products

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