Every warehouse need is different, so what suits one won’t suit another, whether you’re looking for a manual or automatic solution, Dock Solutions has the one for you!

We offer you a full range of solutions to bridging the gap between the loading bay edge and the docked vehicle offering an efficient, smooth and safe transfer of goods during the loading and unloading process.

As the UK manufacturer of loading bay equipment, we can supply a custom, bespoke design service specific to your project requirements, with fast turnaround times and competitive prices.  With our experienced technicians and fully equipped vehicles available on 24hr call out we offer a service second to none.

Where space is an issue, or you need a solution to your loading bay that doesn’t require digging out a pit for the installation of a Dock Leveller, or Scissor Lift then a Bridging Plate, Lift and Tilt Edge of Dock or Mini Dock could well be the answer – all of which are operated manually. These solutions are the most cost-effective way of safely bridging the gap for those smaller, occasional, lighter jobs such as loading and unloading with pallet trucks, sack trucks and roll cages.

Dock Solutions loading bay options are robust, durable, flexible, efficient and easy to maintain.  Below we take a look at each option in more detail:

  • Telescopic-lip Dock Leveller – extremely versatile as gives the operator full control over the length of the telescopic lip ensuring that the load is not damaged when the leveller is put into place before the loading and unloading commences, available with flexible installation options of standard pit mounted, suspended/free standing or cast-in, with a load capacity ranging from 6000kg – 10000kg and above!
  • Swing-lip Dock Leveller – the most cost effective of the 2 leveller types with a fixed lip length, usually used in environments where the same type, size and loaded vehicle is used.   Available with the same flexible installation and capacity options as the telescopic.
  • Lift & Tilt Edge of Dock – easy to install, no messy pit digging out needed and no electric required to operate!  Manufactured to the same safe working loads as our dock levellers but taking up a fraction of the space.  Manually operated.  Available with a load capacity of 2000kg and 4000kg.
  • Bridge Plates – a much cheaper alternative to fitting a traditional dock leveller, easy to install giving a quick no hassle, practical and economical loading solution – electricity to operate these plates is not required!  Available with manual or gas assisted operation, made from steel or aluminium non slip plate and available in most RAL colours. Capacity ranging from 1000kg up to 6000kg.

  • Mini Dock – less bulky than a traditional dock leveller, with cheaper installation costs.  A mini dock can be easily operated by a single person through a rigid steel movable side-handle with gas spring assistance (no power supply needed).  Maximum 6000kg capacity.  Suitable for warehouses and distribution centres where the same height vehicle is used as the height variation is minimal.
  • Goods Scissor Lifts – ideal option for loading, unloading and lifting at different height ranges when there is no loading bay present.  We have a range of goods scissor lifts and scissor lift tables ranging from single, double horizontal, double vertical and low profile all of which are available with standard or special surface finishes.  Easy installation with the options of floor mounted, pit mounted, even mobile.
  • Bay Lifts – ideal option for lifting and handling loads between different levels where the height difference is less than 2 metres, such as loading bays and docks.  Installation of a bay lift offers an easy installation and practical load handling solution as there is no need for a lift pit to be dug.  Capacity options ranging from 500kg to 1500kg, with a variety of platform sizes to suit your requirements.

All of which are available with a range of competitively priced Dock Solutions Service Agreements (SA) tailored to suit individual specific requirements and are an essential part to the effective running and working of your loading bays.  Not only does a SA guarantee and protect the lifespan of your equipment it helps to minimise the risk of costly ‘down time’, our Service Agreements also offer you the added benefit and peace of mind of an extended warranty of up to 5 years.

With our experienced specialised team from sales and manufacture through to our installation engineers we can help you make the right choice and design for your individual requirements; we are available with support and guidance at every step of your project, contact us now for your free site survey.

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