The industrial division of ECOBAT Battery Technologies (ECOBAT Industrial) has supplemented its already considerable range, with the introduction of Lucas copper stretch metal (CSM) batteries, a decision based on its accumulated knowledge and experience of both industrial batteries and the wider requirements of the industry.

“The advanced technology incorporated into these CSM products, originally stems from military applications such as submarine and torpedo batteries,” explains Derek Anderson, the company’s strategic director, “which is how these batteries are able to operate under extreme temperatures and still deliver a higher capacity than standard batteries and subsequently, why they offer a longer operating window, as well as a faster recharge time.

“Typically, businesses that need Lucas CSM batteries are those seeking a solution to the high demand/opportunity charge/fast charging challenge. In these situations, often in around-the-clock operations, machines experience an extremely high current draw as they are in virtually constant use, so charging has to be conducted whenever the opportunity presents itself and must also be completed in the shortest possible timeframe.

“Lucas CSM is suitable for these applications because it is intended to deliver longstanding performance under this kind of demanding conditions.

“The batteries are designed to have up to 15% lower internal resistance in comparison to a standard lead-acid battery, which is one of the reasons they have the ability to recharge within four hours. This reduced timeframe therefore allows businesses to operate their machines on a multi-shift pattern with the use of a single battery, saving the inconvenience and time consuming need to change the battery mid-shift.

“We had a number of customers who were experiencing difficulties when trying to rely on a standard lead-acid battery in this sort of environment and were therefore looking for a solution.

“Before the introduction of Lucas CSM, many had been considering lithium-ion batteries as an alternative, but in a replacement scenario, it’s an extremely expensive option, so not necessarily a suitable substitute. CSM however, offers the performance gains these applications require, without being cost prohibitive, which has made them an instant hit.”

In addition to its huge range of products and its wealth of knowledge and expertise, ECOBAT Industrial also has a team of service engineers and a 13-branch network in locations from Scotland and North Wales, to Bristol and across to Essex, through which it is able to provide a truly national service.

As is clear, flexibility is at the heart of the company’s philosophy, which is why so many businesses rely on its ability to deliver multiple solutions and how it fits so comfortably into the sales, support & innovation mantra that ECOBAT Industrial so eagerly pursues.

ECOBAT Industrial

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