The past year has been an exciting one for Total Interiors. A new addition is the Total Storage Direct web shop. Not only will Total Interiors be able to offer you Storage solutions for your Warehouses and Offices, they can also provide you with storage and safety equipment. They have welcomed another new aspect into the business by bringing their marketing in house, along with growing their sales team. When speaking with the Sales Director Jerry, he said:

“The build up has been phnominal, the excitment is tangible and I can really see the hard work our team have been doing and the results of their dedication. I am thrilled with our ongoing work and looking forward to the new and upcoming projects”

Their Director Julian is representing the SEMA Distributors group, on the SEMA Technical Committee. When asked about why he decided to commit to this responsibility he said

“After working in this industry for 25 years I decided it was time to give back. The technical aspect of the industry is something I find interesting which is a great bonus to be part of the SEMA Technical Committee”

The importance of the SEMA distributor group is the level of quality you are guaranteed. Each and every company like Total Interiors Direct who works under the SEMA group uphold the values for safe installation and distribution of storage equipment. The Total Interiors team are out in force to ensure you receive the most efficient and highest quality Storage Solutions for your Warehouse and Office.