Welcome to the September 1st edition of Warehouse & Logistics News. As you can see we’ve given our design an autumn refresh, which we hope you like. On the business front, now is traditionally a good time for warehouses to get ready for the coming winter and the build-up to Christmas, but this year there are additional pressures to prepare for the uncertain situation after October 31st.


As our Buildings & Facilities feature reminds us, checking emergency lighting arrangements is a priority, even in normal times. Emergency lighting systems are a legal requirement in any case but if we face power cuts, they could be put to the test. Smart LED lighting from LED Eco Lights and others is the perfect choice for emergency lighting in warehouses, among other things enabling businesses to automate routine and periodic checking, and regulatory reporting and recording of results.

With vehicles and workers moving continuously in loading bays these can be dangerous places for visitors and workers alike. In our Loading Bay feature, vehicle “creep” or “drive off” often results in major injury, with 12% of fatal or major workplace accidents occurring while loading or unloading. Thankfully effective safety equipment is available, including STERTIL’s new COMBIBLOK, which automatically restrains HGVs’ rear wheels.

It’s not just manufacturing and distribution operations who need help with warehousing valuable items: places of learning do too. As the new academic year starts, on our cover we have a timely story from SSI Schaefer about their storage solution for Cambridge University Library (CUL), whose collections encompass around nine million books, manuscripts and other physical items. CUL’s Ely facility stores low usage books and journals, freeing vital space in the main University Libraries. SSI Schaefer’s storage solution involved constructing an 87,000 m/2 high density storage area. By August 2019 the University was scheduled to have filled 25% of the storage facility, which is expected to be completely filled in the next 12 years. Being very clever, Cambridge have plans in place for their future needs, with an option to expand the existing facility by around 25% with further racking and shelving capacity to ensure continued secure storage in the years to come.

And finally, United Pallet Network are showing their confidence with the announcement that its Central Hub Operation is moving in spring 2020 to more modern, larger facilities close to its current base in Fradley Park. It means a short move with minimal disruption and confirms UPN’s commitment to growth over the next decade and beyond. UPN are investing over £2 million in developing the new facility, due to be operational from May.

Before all that, if you’re looking for a bit of fun and relaxation this autumn, UPN are also the sponsors of the Rugby World Cup 2019 Wall Planner, which is mailed in this issue and takes you all through the tournament from the first Pool A match between Japan and Russia on September 20th to the Final on Saturday 2nd November. Put the UPN Rugby World Cup 2019 Planner on your wall at work and you shouldn’t miss a single match.

James Surridge

Publishing Editor