Many businesses feel they’re chucking money down the drain due to wasted packaging, are unhappy with their carbon footprint, or aren’t satisfied with the overall efficiency of their packaging operations. Using packaging expertise and experience, Swiftpak help businesses uncover potential savings within their packaging operations.

Warehouse Audits from Swiftpak

Swiftpak specialise in optimising packaging operations for a huge range of businesses in a variety of sectors, including Pharmaceuticals & Chemicals, Electronics, IT & Telecoms, Automotive & Aerospace, Light & Precision Engineering and Home Products & Construction. Swiftpak strongly believe there is always room for improvement and have a mission to make packaging operations as productive and stress-free as possible.

Craig Gulley, Managing Director of Swiftpak Ltd, comments “Our packaging experts carry out full, no-obligation packaging audits and produce reports that include recommendations to take packaging operations to the next level. You’d be amazed at what my team can uncover in just a couple of hours, ultimately saving our customers thousands of pounds in packaging operation costs.”

Swiftpak’s Warehouse Audit Process

The first stage of a warehouse audit from Swiftpak consists of a visit from one of their packaging experts. They will gain a deep understanding of the packaging operation and the challenges that the business and their industry faces. From analysing the current packaging supplies, product range, packing/picking processes, storage facilities and lots more, the experts from Swiftpak highlight a number of ways a packaging operation could be improved.

Following the visit, a detailed recommendations report is created, highlighting how Swiftpak can help businesses achieve up to:

•57% cost savings

•40% increase in productivity

•74% less waste

57% Cost Savings

With bespoke packaging designed using cost-effective materials, reduced packaging weight and clever design to cut transport costs, Swiftpak has helped businesses achieve up to 57% cost savings.

40% Increase in Productivity

Using automated and semi-automated packaging machinery, optimising picking/ packing processes and minimising product handling, Swiftpak has helped businesses achieve up to 40% increase in productivity.

74% Less Waste

By optimising packaging design, utilising recyclable, reusable and biodegradable packaging, Swiftpak has helped businesses achieve up to 74% less packaging waste – helping them save money as well as protecting the environment.

Why Swiftpak?

Swiftpak are a packaging solution provider of bespoke and stock packaging products based in Berkshire, UK. They’re committed to providing businesses with the best protective packaging solutions backed by their specialist knowledge, over 40 years’ experience and first-class service.

Swiftpak Ltd

t: 0118 916 7320



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