Our comprehensive on-site service covers HGVs, vans, passenger vehicles, specialist vehicles, mechanical handling equipment and more. As well as saving you up to £260 annually per vehicle, VIS can benefit your business in a variety of ways:

Protect and enhance your OCRS score:

The more OCRS points you have, the more likely you are to receive DVSA encounters.

Don’t wait for a DVSA encounter to show you your defects, FTA’s VIS Engineers will find your defects and tell you how many OCRS points you would get, without affecting your OCRS score.

Almost all our VIS customers are green (low risk) operators and therefore much less likely to be stopped by DVSA.

Fulfil your operator licence obligations:

The DVSA’s ‘Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness’ states: “Operators must comply with the declaration they give to the relevant traffic commissioner that they will ensure that their vehicles are operated in a fit and serviceable condition.” It is not the responsibility of your maintenance provider to ensure your vehicles are roadworthy – it is your own, and your operator licence at risk.

Upon becoming a VIS customer, we provide a letter to the Traffic Commissioner in your area that states that you have taken out a contract with us for regular high-quality maintenance inspections, emphasising the fact that you are serious about compliance.

Increase MOT first-time pass rates:

VIS users achieve a first-time MoT pass rate of up to 97%, a 13% uplift on the national average.

Your Engineer will notify you of any vehicle defects that could result in an MoT fail, saving you time and money on retests, and the risk of having your fleet out of action before a retest can be carried out.

Protect your brand, reputation and livelihood:

DVSA issued almost 20,000 prohibitions last financial year – that’s 55 every day. If you receive a prohibition, this will prevent you from driving until you have fixed the problem with your vehicle.

Using VIS will prove to the DVSA that your operation is proactive, not reactive.

All Vehicle Inspection reports are stored in our online software, Vision. Within this platform, you are able to review reports and benchmark your company against the overall trends within your sector and against industry KPIs, identifying areas for improvement within your business.


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