Modern logistics increasingly demanding and attentive to detail requires planning, human resources and resources, but above all excellent infrastructure. Industrial doors, in particular, are taking on an increasingly key role in this regard.

In many sectors the passages inside-out and between the different departments require constant speed. Companies need systems that are resistant, durable and low maintenance so as not to stop the pace of processes. Finally, the degree of security of the gates must be incredibly high to protect personnel and goods.

Among the various models on the market, industrial roller shutter doors have taken over thanks to their versatile and performing features, replacing the traditional closures of sheds and warehouses. Let’s see what peculiarities they have, the most widespread applications and what is the price of a roll-up door.

Roll-up doors: what they are and how they are made

Rolling doors are vertical closing systems common in the industrial sector. They consist of a small-large inverted U-shaped steel structure, which houses inside a PVC sheet of varying thickness or a shutter with horizontal panels. At the top of the door there is a roller, which has the task of quickly rewinding the sheet during the opening phase.

To operate the door just press a button or pass in front of a photocell, without pushing as hard as in front of a book closure. Furthermore, the ascent and descent process is incredibly rapid compared to other horizontal movement solutions. This favors the smooth passage of vehicles and personnel, without accumulating waiting times and slowing down processes.

The rapidity of the doors does not only benefit logistics: even the temperature of the department benefits, with less heat loss from passage and a longer controlled climate. This means lower heating or cooling costs and more safeguarded goods.

When the door is open, the shutter does not take up too much space, and even the winder is not bulky. Moreover, it does not need to be attached to the ceiling, making it much more versatile than a closure that can only be installed in load-bearing passages.

The vertical lifting of the roller shutters offers another fundamental advantage: the absence of ground guidance. This increases overall safety, speeds up passes and reduces the footprint for carts and staff.

Industrial roll-up doors are also designed to be extremely quiet and do not require extraordinary maintenance. They are not made with springs, and this frees them from periodic recharging. In addition, in the case of shocks, some PVC sheet models are designed to exit the guides following the stroke, and then return to their own position.

Roll-up door applications

An interesting aspect of roll-up industrial doors is the existence of various models to meet the needs of many economic sectors.

The strength of the materials and the high performances allow to position the rapid doors both outside and inside increasing the number of applications.

In a warehouse optimized and punctuated by work rhythms, roll-up industrial doors are perfect for sustaining even very high logistic flows, favoring the entry and exit of goods without a second of waste.

Rapid winding structures are also an excellent solution for the entire food sector, which needs refrigerated, hygienic and controlled temperature spaces for food processing and storage. Thanks to the PVC sheet or the thick panels of the roll-up closures, the cold rooms and industrial departments maintain the right climate and the best humidity, reducing dispersion during the passages and isolating the environment with the door closed.

Another valid application concerns the car wash sector. The water and humidity resistance of the fabric combined with fast movements makes these industrial doors suitable for the particular conditions that create us in a typical car wash cabin.

In some cases, the rolling doors are also used as burglar barriers, better if in the version with steel panels. The closure maintains the high performance of movement, but increases resistance against burglary attempts.

The prices of industrial roller doors

Establishing a price for industrial doors is not easy. Beyond the fact that every supplier has its offers, a roll-up closure is an extremely custom-made product.

The investment, therefore, will depend on several very variable factors, including:

Door dimensions;

Construction materials;

Model and version;

Accessories and optional;

Number of closures.

The best solution to know the actual costs of a roll-up industrial door is to request a series of quotes from the most important manufacturers in the sector