It’s no secret that businesses are always looking to ways to save money; any money saved on overheads can mean a bigger profit margin. A major expenditure for many businesses maintaining large areas is their heating bills.

The UK has seen the cost of energy rise by 26% over the last 10 years, and in 2017, wholesale gas prices spiked to their highest level in at least 10 years.

According to a study for the Department of Energy & Climate Change there are 48 terawatt hours of heat being wasted by industry, so the need to improve energy efficiency is becoming more important for all business sectors.

However, heating costs can spiral for businesses, especially in large workspaces such as factories and warehouses.

Westgate’s cost-effective solution

Flexiwall is a unique non structural, floor-to-ceiling fabric partition wall used to segregate large industrial spaces including warehouses and factories. Flexiwall is used for many applications including dust, odour, cross contamination and temperature control.

We have worked with many customers to create partitioning solutions that allow them to heat only the space required, saving them money on heating large open spaces. Applications have included product storage, wellbeing of employees or to support manufacturing processes such as product curing. Examples of this are Allied GlassEgger and Marshalls.

Flexiwall can be designed to fit any size and shape of building and will easily install around existing ducts and pipework. Due to this and the product design, Flexiwall creates an airtight seal over 99%, great for maintaining heat or air flow.

Manufactured from lightweight fire rated material, Flexiwall is quicker and cleaner to install than other traditional factory and warehouse partitioningmethods and can even be reconfigured, removed or relocated should business needs evolve.

The final installed partition requires minimal floor space as it is suspended from existing steel work and tensioned using batons at ground level, so is great for businesses who do not want to compromise on space or the existing layout. For all these reasons above, not only does Flexiwall save the business money upfront it then continues to reduce heating overheads.

If you’re looking to reduce your heating bills by effectively segregating space, contact us to find out more about Flexiwall.