The smooth flow of people around a factory or facility is very closely associated with safety. Facility layouts need to be practical and organised, wherever possible keeping people and moving vehicles segregated.

Gateways within the layout, properly placed within runs of safety barriers, are critical points – not least because they often correspond with dangerous areas where pedestrians and workplace traffic meet.

But layouts change. New machinery, mezzanines or everyday changing demands can all enforce a new look to your factory plan – and suddenly the gap where your gate used to be isn’t needed anymore and there’s a new space for a gate but the old one doesn’t fit.

Moreover, the gate that used to open outwards now needs to open inwards – but the hinges are wrong. It’s a problem that the R&D boffins at McCue, supplier of industrial strength safety products through four decades, has solved with their all-new Telescopic Gate – and it couldn’t be easier to install.

Pedestrian safety barriers are connected with posts. They supply solidity and flexibility, while providing the natural corners so the safety barriers can change direction. Usually gates are made to fit between the barriers at key points – but this means they are bespoke and one-use and not adaptive to the changing demands of the workplace.

The Telescopic Gate has two key ingredients that change this. First, an ultra-practical Hinge Post replaces the normal gate post. This reusable piece of safety furniture allows simple installation of the new Telescopic Gate – and can be coupled with a matching post opposite, so if the gate needs to swing inwards or outwards it can be simply turned.

Second, a telescopic sliding arm can be fixed in exactly the desired position to fill the entire gate space. If the space alters, or the gate needs moving the telescopic arm can be adjusted.

Installation is done with just a rubber mallet, pliers and a few Allen keys in a matter of minutes – avoiding lengthy facility disruption. The gate also eliminates the need for costly site surveys and special expensive bespoke designs.

The Telescopic Gate adds to McCue’s armoury of extensive, practical safety solutions for every workplace, from the factory floor to the shop floor. It could be your gateway to a safer, simpler and more economical facility.