Leading global packaging supplier Storopack is pleased to announce its exclusive Coastal Cleaning Programme partnership with the non-profit foundation – Big Blue Ocean Cleanup.

Today, Storopack and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup extended their partnership. Storopack UK became a sponsor in 2018, and the other European Business Units within Storopack have also now committed to long-term partnership, supporting the exclusive Coastal Cleaning Programme which reaches out across the globe.

Rory Sinclair, CEO of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup comments, “We’re delighted that Storopack has taken out a 2 year exclusive sponsorship of our Coastal Cleaning Programme, as they share our stance with regards to responsibility, education and recycling. Plastic is a useful product as it can be used again and again, thus preserving other finite resources. The challenge is to create a global infrastructure to treat these items responsibly after use, and keep them active.”

The Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, is an advocate of driving positive change towards clean oceans through both educational programmes and sustainable living, and welcomes Storopack’s circular economy strategy.

As well as its commitment to sustainability by efficient use of resources. Storopack ensures maximum value is extracted from a material during its lifespan, and generates more than 25% of its revenue from products made from sustainable or recycled raw materials.



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