Authorised Hörmann UK supplier, Livewire Gates, has significantly reduced costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency for Highways England at its Northern depots through the installation of Hörmann UK’s HS200 and HS280 steel sliding industrial gates.

Since 2016, Livewire Gates has been an official partner of Hörmann UK, supplying its sliding industrial gates to a range of high profile companies across the country throughout the logistics, pharmaceuticals and public sector, including Highways England.

Due to Highways England’s depots being located just off the nation’s busiest motorways, the high salt content and harsh elements of the open landscape, combined with the heavy winds caused by the constant flow of fast traffic, caused existing gates to quickly corrode.

This required frequent and costly replacements by Highways England to ensure the security of the government vehicles and materials were never compromised. After searching for a supplier that could provide a durable, resilient and highly secure solution that would easily withstand the weather conditions and heavy useage, Highways England commissioned Livewire gates to install Hörmann UK’s HS200 and HS280 steel sliding industrial gates. Featuring a selfsupporting structure and durable steel frame that easily handles high usage, the HS200 and HS280 models were installed throughout Highways England’s northern depots located in Kendal, Workington, Shap and Preston.

Mark Corner, Director at Livewire Gates, said: “We specified Hörmann UK’s HS200 and HS280 steel sliding industrial gates for Highways England back in 2016 and they are still delivering the same level of performance three years later. The motorway depots are all located in rural locations around Cumbria, where harsh weather conditions can prove to be troublesome.

“Through our partnership with Hörmann UK we have been able to provide the client with solutions that can withstand these climates with ease, particularly with regard to resisting corrosion. The HS200 and HS280 are superior products within the industry as they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, which is essential for this client as they need to be operational at all times to ensure the nation’s motorways and major A roads are running as they should be.

“In terms of installation, Hörmann UK delivered the gates with a template, so our team simply had to lift the gate into place once it was delivered. This enabled us to minimise any potential disruption to the operations of the depots, whilst also ensuring security of the site was never compromised.

“Our customers select Hörmann UK’s products as they are confident they will offer the greatest standards in longevity and durability. This is supported by the fact that in the three years we have been supplying Hörmann UK’s industrial sliding gates, we have not experienced a single fault. We also know that in the unlikely event of downtime, Hörmann UK’s service team will get our customers back up and running as soon as possible.”

The HS200 steel sliding gate is available with a bottom beam height of 200mm, clear passage width up to 10,000 mm and operator power of 0.37kW. The HS280 offers a larger profile with a bottom beam height of 280mm, a clear passage width up to 12000mm and operator power of 0.75kw. Both styles offer customers a breadth of designs, styles and sizes, tailored to the needs of their individual operations.

The fully welded HS200 and HS280 steel sliding gates are available in varying sizes, with the addition of flashing warning lights and brakes available for emergency operation, improving safety standards for sites that are in frequent use.

As standard, the industrial gates include five self-monitoring closing edge safety devices, which stop the gate instantly to ensure the safest possible working environment for drivers and on site staff where the gates are in frequent use. Adding to the safety features of the HS200 and HS280, Hörmann UK includes an electronic control system, which features a radio control and automatic timed opening and closing.

Hörmann UK’s industrial sliding gates also include aluminium guide rollers, which are attached on the top edge of the gate leaf. The design means that there is no direct contact between the track rollers and the gate coating, which helps to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the gates.

Industrial Service Manager at Hörmann UK, Phillip Clark added: “We have recently doubled our servicing team so that we are able to minimise downtime and any other inconveniences that arise from irregular servicing and maintenance. We are dedicated to providing Livewire with the highest service level and look forward to helping them meet their customer’s individual needs for years to come, including Highways England.”


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