The warehouse is the aorta of hundreds of thousands of UK businesses. Often the unsung brand heroes, warehouses provide the vital link between the business and the customer and are relied upon to keep the wheels of the entire business turning.

If you’re among those that manage the smooth running of warehouse operations, you will undoubtedly rely heavily on your packing machinery, so when it comes to choosing the right equipment, you will want to be sure that you’re getting the highest levels of performance and value.

What should you expect from your machinery supplier?

The search for new packing machinery is usually led by the need to solve a particular problem; you may be replacing worn out systems, your current systems aren’t reliable, or you may be seeing too many returns due to breakages in transit.

The choice that you make may be led by one problem, but the solution must also be cost-effective and future-proof, and most importantly, it must offer you longterm value.

Manufacturer vs third party Choosing a new packaging system will usually begin with a search for equipment that meets your set criteria. Your search will present you with a range of solutions from different suppliers, including manufacturers, agents, distributors and resellers, each presenting you with a viable set of solutions. However, it’s worth carefully considering at this stage, not only the differences in quality and reliability, but also the differences in service levels and valuable ongoing support.

While many third-party suppliers can provide you with a direct solution, often the equipment is made outside of the UK and does not always come with local support, or long warranties. This may mean delays in getting spare parts and consumables, and service engineers may not be qualified to integrate the equipment with other systems. On the other hand, by purchasing direct from a manufacturer, such as Pregis, you will be able to discuss, in person, your requirements with a design engineer who will be able to help you choose a system that will suit your exact needs, provide a cost analysis and offer you the chance to trial solutions and have them modified if required.

A packing machine manufacturer should also be able to directly supply consumables as quickly as the next working day from UK stock, and provide full user training. In addition, the service engineers should be able to provide regular servicing and be able to replace any required parts without delay.

Always expect value-added services

A reputable, packing machinery supplier will not only be able to supply proven, reliable and quality made solutions, they should also be providing you with a wealth of valuable support services as standard. These services will not only deliver cost-savings and higher efficiency, they will help you to keep the wheels of your operation turning, day in, day out.

Choosing a packing solution from Pregis will provide you with:

• Consultancy, cost analysis and design

• Packaging Audits

• A range of sustainable, highquality engineered solutions

• Made to order and bespoke solutions

• Ergonomic, user-friendly designs

• User training on all equipment

• Online ordering and next day delivery consumables (subject to cut off times and availability)

• Full technical support

• Local service and maintenance engineers

• Industry wide knowledge and expertise

Pregis design, manufacture, install, service and support customers 24/7, right across the UK, providing a premium value-rich service to warehouse teams.


Tel: 01438 740649



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