Warehousing and order fulfilment is a serious investment for most businesses – warehouse space can eat considerably into your monthly operating budget, and fulfilment requires considerable time and attention. Any business owner looking to shift their focus more onto actually running their business than worrying about shipping needs to consider the services of a professional order fulfilment service.

There are a wide number of professional warehousing and fulfilment specialists available, offering their services throughout Europe and the wider world. They make a compelling offer for all manner of businesses looking to make their order fulfilment process more efficient, and warehousing more affordable.

How the process works

The whole process is simple – you connect your eCommerce store to the fulfilment company’s system, then agree on the items that you want to offer for sale. The fulfilment company will keep those items in their warehouse, meaning you don’t have to ever even see or touch them. Then, when an order is made through your website, the fulfilment company is notified.

They will pick your item, or custom print it if necessary, before packaging it ready for shipping. They’ll have access to professional-quality shipping materials to make sure your products arrive to your customers in perfect condition. They will also have large-scale logistics contracts in place, allowing shipping and postage to be that much easier.

You only pay a percentage of the sales you make, which means you’re only ever re-investing profits that you’ve already made. There’s no outright cost to worry about.

Cross-border shipping made easy

Brexit is still a thorny issue, and with many aspects of borders and the finer details of shipping still yet to be determined, it naturally causes small businesses some headaches. When you choose a fulfilment company that has a European base, however, like Printful, you can avoid all of those headaches entirely.

The orders can be fulfiled and shipped from the European base, meaning that orders for European Union customers are still shipped from within the Union. This means you won’t have to worry about delays, packages being impounded, or becoming subject to sudden import taxes in transit. This makes shipping Europe-wide much more efficient and affordable.

Your fulfilment company will handle every stage of the shipping process – all you need to do is curate your eCommerce site and decide what you want to offer for sale. It’s that simple.


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