Essential features of the system:

• Digitalise the Kanban system – the system monitors stock movement in and out of kanban

• Data on stock movement transmitted wirelessly to control station and cockpit view

• Automatic replenishment orders triggered once pre-set safety stock parameters have been crossed

• Visualise the status of each Kanban location on cockpit view

How does it work?

• System consists of sensors retrofitted to each flow rack rail to monitor movement of stock bins

• Data on stock movement transmitted from the racks wirelessly to receiver

• Control station view shows location and part to be replenished and for how long the request has been running

• Replenishment order can be triggered manually or data exported directly to an ERP sysytem

Problems solved:

• Kanban cards not required that can be lost or damaged

• No danger of a kanban card missing a milk-round collection and delaying replenishment

• Replenishing the wrong location impossible

• No need for “siege mentality” excessive line-side stockholding • Improve cash-flow by reducing stock required


• Package easy to retro-fit to existing flow racking

• Intuitive and easy to use software

• Data can beexported for use in local ERP systems


Tel: 01536 486930