With energy prices on the increase, reducing your carbon foot print and controlling your building environment is an area that increasingly should not be ignored. High speed doors, also known as fast action doors, are a popular choice for many industrial and commercial premises due to their reliability, durability and affordability.

Our Dock Solutions DS Dynamic doors are an effective way of controlling the temperature loss from your building therefore reducing your energy bills from loss of either heating or chilling, it can be used both internally and externally.

They are designed and manufactured to offer a smooth, fast action which can open as quickly as 2 meters per seconds and close just as quick, facilitating easy and rapid warehouse access and helps to maintain controlled warehouse environments.

What are the benefits of installing a Dock Solutions DS Dynamic door?

• Low maintenance

• Energy efficient

• Noise reducing

• Easy to install

• Cost effective

• Programmable to your requirements

• Enhanced security

• Added safety (2 sets of photocells units come as standard)

The Dock Solutions DS Dynamic Range of doors are cost effective, competitively priced and consist of:

DS Dynamic Roll Up door

The Roll-Up door model is designed for openings in high traffic areas, where movement is very intense.

Because of its reduced dimensions it offers a high resistance to air and drafts and along with the fact that its waterproof it is frequently installed in passage and entrance areas in stores, laboratories and loading bays.

DS Dynamic Fold-Up Door

The Fold-Up Door is designed for intensive use. It offers a great resistance to strong drafts and it is specially recommended for industrial buildings and warehouses. With its draft proof properties, it allows to insulate different work areas for preparation and packing and to aircondition buildings for employee comfort.

DS Dynamic Self Repairing Door

The high-speed Self Repairing is a unique and innovative solution in the high-speed door market, given that it incorporates a special selfrepairing system in the case of accidental collision, thanks to an automatic opening and closing process. The most competitive selfrepairing door on the market.

DS Dynamic Aluroll Door

The aluminium high-speed roll-up door is insulated and has been designed to ensure air-tightness to support and maintain high levels of air pressure.

DS Dynamic Frigocam

The high-speed roll-up door for cold rooms and freezers, it is designed to section and maintain areas with atmospheric conditions up to -30 °C even in high traffic environments.

DS Dynamic Lab Door

The high-speed roll-up door is the ideal solution for the partitioning of areas that need to maintain special environmental conditions to prevent cross contamination: laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, foodhandling areas, semiconductor manufacturing, etc.

DS Dynamic Atex Door

The roll up Atex Door has been manufactured to be installed for environments with an explosive atmosphere, with its water tightness it is used in warehouses to separate explosive atmospheres up to 2.2.G where inflammable gases, vapours or combustible powder are handled.

You can be sure you are in safe hands when our highly skilled engineers install one of our DS Dynamic doors, all our high-speed doors come with either a safety edge and photocell in the column or a light curtain. Ensuring that if the door blade comes in to contact with an object or person it immediately stops and returns to the open position.

A site survey with one of our experienced surveyors is offered free of charge on all projects to ensure you have correct solution to fully suit your project requirements.

At Dock Solutions we have been installing all types of industrial doors for many years, along with our complete range of loading bay equipment. As the manufacturer we are able to offer both standard and bespoke equipment with fast lead times.

A range of flexible, competitively priced service plans are available on all Dock Solutions range of highspeed doors, industrial doors, dock levellers and shelters!

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