Welcome to the March 15th Warehouse & Logistics News. People like to say it’s down to each of us to sort out our problems, noone else is going to do it, but in business you’re not alone, there are plenty of suppliers who are happy to help.


The key is choosing the right supplier partners. It’s particularly important with warehouse equipment and solutions. Get it wrong and you risk your business’s performance and reputation.

Worse still, if there’s an accident in your warehouse involving injury, the consequences can be fines and even prison, so ask the experts.

We have lots of stories in this issue about helpful suppliers and industry bodies. Starting on our front page. SEMA, the storage equipment industry’s lead voice on safe storage practice, is celebrating fifty years of promoting and extending the safe design, installation and use of storage equipment made and supplied by its members. SEMA also approve racking inspectors and work with the statutory authorities, including the HSE and local authority health & safety inspectors.

In 2017 Translift, famous for the Bendi Articulated Forklift, was bought by the key management and a Private Equity Company. We have an exclusive interview with Translift’s new MD Paul Berrow, who explains how the company is moving in exciting new directions with some new products including the ECO Bendi, a Bendi articulated forklift with full AC technology and brand new parts but built with a recycled chassis.

Staying with robust designs, in our Conveying & Sortation feature Swisslog has installed an AutoStore automatic storage and retrieval system with 30,000 storage bins, 18 robots and 6 workstations at workwear supplier Texet Benelux’s warehouse in Aarschot, Belgium. Ideal for growing businesses wanting a more bespoke service, Britishowned Axiom has created tailored solutions for large and small retailers and e-tailers.

In our Doors feature, increasing pressure to handle orders faster, in order to be competitive, is driving efficiencies into every stage of warehousing operations, from goods in to the loading bay. As sara LBS point out, with our uncertain weather, well designed and equipped loading bays make goods handling more productive and crucially, protect stock from the elements while in transit.

And finally, in our third feature, Warehouse IT, at the macro level tech advances are transforming the way complex manufacturing operations organise production of large items like cars, bringing parts to the line in good time. At the micro level, involving small orders being picked, packed and dispatched accurately, IT is smoothing out ecommerce fulfilment and the NHS’s healthcare logistics, to cite two crucial sectors affecting all our lives.

Somewhere in between, the Budweiser Budvar Brewery is using Sewio’s real-time location system to improve its warehouse utilisation. The brewery works with over 20,000 pallets, handling hundreds of varieties of beers, using forklifts equipped with RFID antenna and RFID tags at the tracked pallet positions.

Budweiser’s previous RFID solution couldn’t cope but the new system has enabled Budweiser’s logistics managers to use the warehouse much better, ‘virtually growing’ its capacity by 19%. Cheers!


Publishing Editor